The Sarah RSVP Card

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Perfectly paired with our Sarah invitations, this light and floral design ensures your guests will RSVP. All colours and text is editable to suit your requirements.

Please Note: These carry a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

Spring Weddings are magical, especially when you're brave enough for an outdoor wedding! We were thinking woodland, meadow, wildflower vibes when we created this set, and the design can be altered to match your theme!

But remember, theres no point in sending out amazing invitations if you dont get any replies! So add this little RSVP card to your pack, and your guests wont be able to resist filling it in.

Perfectly Paired with our Sarah Invitations, this order is simply for the RSVP card.


We pride ourselves on adapting our designs to suit you personally, not just letting a computer add in your details, ensuring they look great. That said, this takes a lot of time, so we are unable to provide free proofs before purchase. That said, if you're really desperate to see a proof, select the digital proof option and I'll do a proof of the card for you to fall in love with, and the deposit will be taken off your final order total.


Theres no point in having beautiful designs printed on cheap paper, which is why we insist on supplying all our designs printed on high quality cardstock. The invitations are printed on beautifully textured card* that has a texture similar to watercolour paper. The size of the invitation is 148x105mm (a6) - although should you have a different size in mind let us know.

In technical terms they are printed on 300gsm card stock - kudos if you know what that means, we will be friends :)



Each package includes having your guests named printed on the RSVP cards, giving you one less thing to do and ensuring your crisp white invitations aren't ruined by a smudgy pen or your 'doctors handwriting'. Once you've made your order, I'll contact you asking for a csv file of all your guests names as you want them to appear on the cards. Remember, I cant proof read how to spell you great aunts middle name, so you'll need to check through them yourself.

What's Included

This item is simply the A6 single sided events card, including the re-design to include your information. 

Other matching items from this range such as Invitations and order of events cards are sold separately. Should you wish to buy multiple items from the same range, contact us to discuss possible bulk discounts.

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