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1. Let Us Handle Marketing

We work to promote your story and products on social media and in our newsletters. We will also work to get your products in the hands of our Influencer team to expand your reach. We love to promote British suppliers, especially if they offer made in Britain! As we all know, customers convert better when we have unique, personalised usp's!

2. We Do The Payment Processing

All you need to worry about is fulfilling orders! We handle the payment processing for each transaction. Bonus! When you sell personalised items, we have set you up a configurable product upload, to make the sale a smooth transaction for our customers!

3. Not Just A Marketplace

Once you are set up with your sellers profile, our customers have the options to click through to your social media profiles, communicate directly with you and you will be automatically advertised within our suppliers directory. Don't forget if you have any upcoming online events, post them for free in our wedding fair which will automatically link back to your shop profile. win win!

New Customers
Get your product showcased to a large range of customers 24/7
Ask Questions
If you ever get stuck, let us know and we will help you set up your new account with Emporella.
Quick Payments
Emporella uses Stripe & Paypal for fast, user friendly payment services.
Manage Your Orders
Manage your orders with ease, each supplier has their own unique dashboard to help maintain their shop.
Earn Badges
Once you climb a milestone you will be awarded with a badge, which makes you look like a pro. Coming Soon.
Get Yourself Verified
Add a verified brooch to your profile by providing us with necessary business details and documents.
Customize Profile
Customize your profile with information such as profile logo, shop location, contact details and social media links.
24/7 Open
We are open 24/7. Including our paid marketing scheme across all social media platforms.

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