Rosie and Ben knew they wanted an alternative wedding and really injected their interests and personalities into the wedding day with a Bioshock theme. Think, art deco, dark industrial and steampunk.

But it wasn’t only the set up that made this alternative wedding shine out amongst the rest…

As you are going to see, the super talented  Alex Taylor, also known as AJTImages, was able to put a theatrical twist onto some of Rosie’s and Ben’s wedding photos. I personally haven’t seen wedding photos done like this before so I just HAD to get Alex involved in this blog!

If you are interested in grabbing a little inspiration from this alternative wedding then take a look at the collection of images I have pulled together below. Make sure you take a look at the last few…they’re truly magical.

An Alternative Wedding With A Bioshock Theme

The Wedding Day

All the images in this blog were taken by AJTImages.

The Wedding Day Shout Outs

Photographer: AJTImages

Ceremony Venue: Bosworth Hall Hotel and Spa

Evening Venue: Bosworth Hall Hotel and Spa

Grooms Outfit: Marc Darcy Suits

Brides Outfit:

Dress: Chosen because of its Art deco feel.

Bride's shoes: Irregular Choice!

Brides veil: Handmade by the bride's mum.

Bridal Accessories: Ebay and Etsy.

Splicer Masks: Handmade by the bride and groom.

Hair & Make Up:

Florist: The bride is a paper florist and lovingly handmade all the flowers herself, Individual peonies with wild roses and eucalyptus for my bridesmaids and wild roses and forget-me-not as buttonholes for Ben and the groomsmen.

Roses bouquet was a wild bouquet of peonies, roses, proteas, eucalyptus and bright teal feathers surrounding a little magpie skull, and finished with trailing ribbons of gold coral and teal velvet ribbons.

Catering: Provided by the venue.

Venue Decor: Done by the bride.

Rosie sourced all of the vintage typewriters, medicine bottles and old props that were dotted about the venue from ebay and second hand shops!

Each table was also named after a different place in the bioshock game, with nods to the theme in all the fonts used on the menus and name cards.

Rosie used the words ‘Would You Kindly’ on aged paper in the vintage typewriters dotted about the room, in amongst ivy and vintage medicine bottles to show guests to the BioShock guest book and card table.

Steampunk centrepieces by:The glass taxidermy dome centrepieces sitting on top of steampunk car gears contained the Blue morpho butterflies, which feature a lot in the bioshock game.

Entertainment: Vintage photo booth

Stationery: The font used on the stationery is Andes font and is the actual font used in the BioShock game, so they made sure it was on all of the stationery and signs.

Would You Have An Alternative Wedding?

How great are those pictures?

I just want to give a huge shout out to AJTImages for allowing me to create this real wedding blog around the images he took at Rosie’s and Ben’s wedding.

I knew I had to get in touch with Alex as soon as I saw some of his images because they really are unlike any wedding photo I have seen before! Make sure you check him out!


If you would like to get involved with a real wedding blog then get in touch. My email is [email protected] and I would love to take a look at your images.

Until then, I hope you have a lovely day!

Written By Ryan Hirst