Boob tape is the one solution that can completely change the way you look and feel on your wedding day.

Finding the right tape will support and uplift your boobs, leaving you fitting into your wedding dress in the most perfect way. You could say “like a glove”.

Maybe you have heard about book tape, you might have even purchased some of our own Dare To Wear Boob Tape from our wedding marketplace, but do you know how to apply it?

In this blog post I am going to highlight everything you need to know about boob tape and how it can work for you. Sounds good? Then don’t stop here…

A Beginners Guide To Wearing Boob Tape

Finding The Right Boob Tape

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Our boob tape is available in 5 skin tones to suit your complexion and remain undetectable under your outfit as well as being designed to be used in a variety of ways to suit your boob shape and size.

It is sweat-proof, waterproof and breathable to give you the ultimate comfort and longevity on your wedding day as well as being hypoallergenic, latex-free and easy to remove.

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How To Apply The Boob Tape

Due to the many shapes and sizes that boobs come in it would be hard to give you a “one way works for all” method for applying your boob tape.

However, here is one way that we would suggest you try out first.

Step 1

Start by cutting all the strips you are going to need to get the desigered lift and shape.

Preparing all the tape to start with will make the process much easier, especially if you are on your own.

I would suggest applying some nipple covers as this area of the boob can be quite sensitive so nipple covers could be your saving grace. Keep an eye out for Emporella’s nipple covers coming very soon…

Step 2

Now you need to get your bust into position.

Lean forward and hold your first boob into the position you would like to finish with. Then, lean back and stand straight whilst holding your boob to make sure you are happy with the positioning.

Feel free to repeat this a couple of times until you are 100% happy with the shape and position.

Step 3

Once you are happy it is time to start applying the tape.

Lean back forward and apply the first strip of tape.

We always recommend the first strip being central from under your bust, over the niple and onto the shoulder blade as this will help to anchor your boob.

Whilst continually holding onto your boob, keep applying tape into the shape you require.

Step 4 

Now you have finished with the first boob it is time to move onto the next one and repeat the process.

I would suggest trying this process prior to your wedding day to make sure you are comfortable with everything. You don’t want to be trying it out for the first time on the morning of your wedding.

How To Remove


Now we have got that out of the way, here is how we would recommend you remove your boob tape.

In order to make the process as easy as possible, apply some moisturiser or body lotion to the tape to allow it to become less sticky and a little softer. 

Once it has softened you can begin to slowly pull off the tape.

Another way to make it easier is by taking a hot bath or shower while wearing the tape as is another way to loosen the tape.

Need More Boob Tape?

That is your beginners guide to wearing boob tape.

As I mentioned, there are many different ways to apply and sometimes it is a case of trial and error. However, when you buy a roll of our Dare To Wear Boob Tape you will gain access to our “How To Boob Tape” page that shows you over 15 ways that you can apply boob tape.

So, if you want to have a try of our boob tape then click on the button below. This is where your bridal experience changes for the better!

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Written By Ryan Hirst