Finding the perfect groom accessories for your wedding day can be a difficult task to complete. Let us face it, the majority of information, campaigns, blogs, web pages, and social media posts regarding weddings are aimed towards the brides even though a lot of weddings will have a groom, whether that be in a same-sex marriage or a wedding between a man and a woman, so why isn’t there more help for the grooms? That is a question we are wanting to remove from your minds. We always say that we want to help all the brides and grooms of the UK achieve their perfect happily ever after but how can we do that without singling out some help just for those grooms?

Jenson Marine Navy Check Suit With Double Breasted Waistcoat by Yorkshire Menswear

Dressing for the first day of the rest of your life is completely different from dressing for any other occasion. Yes, you have to dress smartly when you’re going into the office but the accessories are completely different. However, there is something to keep in mind. Picking out one polished accessory will elevate your whole look but adding too much can make the outfit look cheap. Everything will clash and compete with each other and that is NOT what you want on your wedding day. The key to getting a perfectly dressed groom is identifying his ONE statement piece. 

Take a look at our list below. We have brought together 8 groom accessories that we think will enhance your wedding outfit. As I have just said, do not overpower your look by adding on multiple accessories. Pick out the one accessory that will elevate your look and that will be the key!

8 Groom Accessories For Your Wedding Day

1. Grooming For The Big Day

The first accessory I want to talk about is your face. I know it isn’t something you can partially change but it is still important to talk about. No one likes an ungroomed groom. You are supposed to look like your best self on your wedding day so it isn’t the ideal time to try out a new “rough” look, even if you think you look smashing. The last thing you want is your partner not recognising the groom walking towards them down the aisle. 

Nevertheless, if you do want to try something new for the big day then don’t leave your partner in the dark. Prior to your wedding day, sit down with your partner and try out the look you have in mind. If it works then GREAT but it is always best to ask your partner what they think first. You will be doing that for the rest of your life anyway so you might as well start now.

During the run-up to your wedding make sure you are taking care of your skin. You want to look fresh and ready, not dry and tired on your special day and skin plays a big part in that! Take a look at the Skin Boost Facial Serum we have available on Myroo skincare’s unique blend of skin-loving oils is packed with antioxidants, omega 3, 6 & 9, vitamins & minerals. Their concentrated formulation gives maximum nutrition to undernourished skin and helps protect and repair the skin's natural barrier to the elements.


A great gift for a groom or groomsmen is a Personalised Grooming Kit. Each PU leather grooming set contains:

  • Tweezers
  • One pair of rounded scissors
  • One pair of cuticle scissors
  • Nail file and cleaner
  • Large nail shaper
  • Small nail shaper
  • Cuticle shape 


2. The Tie For When You “Tie The Knot” 

You’re tying the knot so you have to have the perfect tie to do that with. Due to the variety of patterns, materials, and knots, it means that you can find the perfect tie for any style of wedding - casual or formal. You could decide to opt for a fancy knot on your wedding day but why not just stick with the traditional Windsor Knot? It’s the knot that is most commonly used and the reason it has lasted decades is that it is truly timeless.

You want to pick a style of tie that will reflect both your personality and the theming of your day. You’re supposed to tell a story through your attire and decor. Your guests should walk into a room and go “Oh yes, this is definitely their wedding” just by looking at the design. If you are fun and outgoing then look at patterned ties like the one's Hunter and Wells sell on our online wedding marketplace. They’re fun, they will make a statement and they’ll definitely add a splash of colour to your look. 


Another great tie available is the Mens Liberty Wild Flower Slim Tie by Beautiful Bows For Boys. This is the ideal tie for someone who likes to spend their days in the garden or going for walks in nature due to its natural flowery pattern. It is a firm favourite for weddings and is made to a slim fit which is 7cm wide and 140cm long.


If your partner's party is wearing blush pink then have a nod to their attire by having a blush pink tie. You don’t have to match if you don’t want to but you don’t want to clash so make sure you have the conversation prior to the big day.

3. Tie Clips

No one likes a tie in their food but, unfortunately, without a tie clip that can happen. Number 3 on our list of groom accessories is, of course, the tie clips. Tie clips are great for multiple reasons. The first being the reason I just mentioned and the second being that they help to elevate and add an extra layer of class to your attire. This is especially apparent when they are matched with other metals such as cufflinks, belt buckles, and watches as it brings cohesion and class to the overall look.

You will traditionally find the tie clips between the 3rd and 4th buttons in a groom’s shirt, holding onto the tie to stop it from falling into anything. We all know a person who somehow always gets food down them so this is a great accessory for them! A great idea would be to get personalised tie clips for your groomsmen as a little thank you for being a part of your big day. Your best man has probably put a lot of work into your stag do and their dreaded best man’s speech so it is a nice little gesture and thank you for them to keep.

We have a great selection of groom and groomsmen gifts over on our online wedding marketplace. Click on the button below and treat those guys to something special!


4. Finish It Off With A Bow

Bow ties are much less common than the traditional necktie but still make a groom look smart. In some situations, a bow tie is actually mandatory. Not particularly in a wedding setting but if you were to wear a pleated shirt then you would wear a bow tie rather than a necktie. Pleated shirts are most commonly seen in formal situations and are designed to be worn with button studs. This is why you would opt for a bow. There would be no point wearing a tie as it would cover all the studs.

If you wear a necktie regularly in your day-to-day life then how about changing things up on your wedding day by opting for a bow? Your wedding day is a special day and you don’t want it to feel like any other day. Make the day unique. The whole point of groom accessories is to make a statement and to elevate your look. It is much harder to do that if you look the same as you do day today.

There are two options to consider when picking out a bow tie. One, a self-tying bow that you will tie yourself and, two, a pre-tied bow that you just clip together at the back of your neck. We have some truly wonderful ties available on Just take a look at the collection that Beautiful Bows For Boys have available by clicking on the button below.


A popular idea to consider is letting your groomsmen pick out a bow tie that represents their personality. Obviously, you and your partner will have to approve the ties first but it is a great way to allow your groomsmen to add a bit of their personality into your special day!

5. Pocket Squares For A Groom

Pocket squares are a great addition to your wedding day ensemble. They work especially well when matched with the tie that you are wearing as it unifies the whole look. I mean, just look at the Navy Morris Men's necktie pocket square set by Hunter and Wells. This Hunter and Wells Tie and matching pocket square are created using Genuine Rose and Hubble fabric with a Morris-inspired navy floral design. Rose and Hubble cotton poplin fabric are soft and weighty giving a luxurious look and feel. The vivid navy blue and crisp white of this print makes this a statement accessory.


Everyone LOVES to talk about what the couple is wearing to make sure you are giving them something to talk about. Plus, these outfits will live on forever in the photos. You NEED those statement accessories!

When picking your pocket square it is important to consider the colours of the ceremony. Pick one of the colours from the flowers or find out if your partner is dressing in a particular colour. A pocket square is a perfect accessory to match with your partner because it is subtle. It isn’t overpowering and it won’t make you look like twins but it WILL unify you both.

If you are wearing a boutonniere or a prominent lapel pin then make sure you opt for a matt pocket square. As I mentioned at the start, you don’t want to overpower your look and make the accessories compete for attention. In the end, no one will win but the outfit will lose. Choose a flat silk pocket square and, trust me, you will look handsomely elegant.

6. Cufflinks For The Big Day

A groom won’t traditionally wear a lot of jewelry on their wedding day. That side of things is usually reserved for a bride who is seen shimmering down the aisle in her diamond jewelry. However, that doesn’t mean a groom should avoid jewelry completely. There is no rule book for weddings. It is all done the way YOU want it.

The outfit you wear on your wedding day is supposed to transform you into an elevated version of yourself and wearing cufflinks can help do this. They add a layer of style of sophistication to your outfit and you can even get some that tie in with a favorite hobby or movie. Cufflinks also make great groomsmen accessories as well as groom accessories. This is something to keep in mind when you are buying your wedding favours.

In order to make the whole outfit connect you want to make sure that all the accessories you are wearing are made from the same metal. You don’t want gold cufflinks with a silver belt buckle and a bronze watch. This just makes you look cheap. Make sure you decide on a style before you start shopping.

Your wedding day is obviously a very special day. This date will be a key moment in your mind for the rest of your life so it is a wonderful idea to get personalised cufflinks that have the date of your wedding engraved onto them. Personalised gifts are so much more meaningful as you know someone has taken the time to think about you. Take a look at the range of personalised items we have available on You can treat one of your groomsmen or you can even treat yourself to something!


7. Lapel Pins 

At most weddings, you will see the groom and groomsmen wearing boutonnieres but do you know why? Well, the traditional accessory comes from way back in the 16th century. It was supposed to ward off bad luck for the couple as well as mask the terrible smell that lingered around in those times. I really hope that if you do decide to wear a boutonniere on your wedding day, it is for ascetic reasons and not just because you forget to take a shower.

Nevertheless, boutonnieres are not the only accessory you can wear in this place. Another alternative would be a Lapel Pin, a small pin worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins serve no functional purpose to a groom's outfit other than it adds a decorative touch to the overall look. You would traditionally see them on the upper part of the left lapel of a suit and are a lovely accessory for a groom or groomsmen. Or anyone wearing a suit for a wedding. The pin itself should run parallel to the lapel rather than straight up or across. This is particularly important for long stems as the wrong angle could ruin the look.

Beautiful Bows For Boys have a wonderful Mustard Yellow Lapel Pin available on our online wedding marketplace. It is handmade using felt made with merino wool and will perfectly compliment any outfit for your special day. Hit the button below for a better look.


8. Walk Down The Aisle In Something Comfortable

I am finishing off this list of groom accessories with something that I think is very important. A good pair of comfy shoes. You are up and down all day and the last thing you want is blisters. Especially, before all the dancing commences in the evening! 

Hand Dyed Shoe Co has some AMAZING shoes available on our marketplace. My personal favourite is the Mr. Porterhouse because I LOVE how the navy blue and brown compliment each other and if you are looking for a shoe that is the perfect balance of smart/casual then Mr. Porterhouse is the shoe for you, The popular design works really well with denim, but equally as smart in the boardroom or wedding chapel.

Some advice to keep in mind - don’t let your wedding day be the first time you wear your shoes. Break them in a little bit before the big day. You want your shoes to be comfortable and you don’t want them to be too slippy. Have a few walks around the garden or in the street to break them in but stay away from the mud. Obviously, you don’t want them ruined before the big day!

Don’t Buy Any Accessories Before Setting A Budget

We know you and your partner will be eager to start buying things for your wedding but PLEASE set a budget before you buy anything. If you are like me then you will know how easy it is to spend your money when you get excited. Take payday for example. Suddenly you have got money in the bank, you feel rich and you’re ready for some retail therapy. The next thing you know, you’re two days into the month and you’re counting down the days until payday again. This is what can happen when you’re planning a wedding. You get excited by the whole idea and you start buying things without having some guidelines. Well, that is until we came along…

We have created a free downloadable wedding budget tracker. It is designed to help you keep track of everything you are buying and help you avoid overspending. It is completely free to download, just click on the button below!


What Groom Accessories Will You Be Buying?

As we said at the start, there is not much information or help out there for a groom to be. This will make it especially hard for 2 guys in a same sex relationaship becuase there is obviously no bride involved who can find help at the click of a finger. If you know a groom, no matter what type of relationship they’re in, tell them about this blog. They might be looking for some advice but have no idea where to look. 

We also published a blog - Top 5 Stag Do Destinations In The UK - a few days back so they might also benefit from this as well. We need to support the grooms as much as we support the birds. They’re equally as important as the brides so let's lead the way and stand by our men!

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Written By Ryan Hirst