To celebrate Love A Tree Day 2021 we are launching the “Emporella’s Eco Wedding Pledge” which is to plant a tree for every new supplier that signs up to our online wedding marketplace to help offset the carbon footprint made by the wedding industry each year. Our new environmental initiative will allow the supplier to have a tree planted in their name, pick where the tree is planted and, as a little reminder of their good deed, will be rewarded with a certificate and code that will tell them exactly where their own unique tree can be found.

We have kick started Emporella’s Eco Wedding Pledge by planting 5 trees in Yorkshire, one for each of Emporella’s staff members, Claire, Hannah, Chloe, Ryan, and Lucy, so we are already on our way to leaving our eco-friendly mark on this beautiful world. But we want more. We want to plant more trees. We want to give away as many truly green gifts as possible but we can’t do that without YOU!

The way to make the biggest difference is for everyone to get involved. We want to make this world a better place for us and for the many generations to come and we know that Emporella’s Eco Wedding Pledge can help make that happen if everyone gets involved. If you’re looking for a new home for your shop or you are interested in finding out what you can do to make this world a better place then take a look at what we have to offer below…

Emporella's Eco Wedding Pledge That Will Keep The Wedding World Spinning Forever

Who Is Planting The Trees?

Since the wedding industry is rapidly getting back on its feet it would be quite an operation to manage the marketplace while also saving the world by planting trees. That is why we have decided to use EFORESTS, the carbon offsetting service that helps us reduce and offset all of our carbon footprints. 

EFORESTS plant trees all around the U.K., in community woodlands, nature reserves, community farms, and urban areas and once your tree is planted you will be able to track exactly where your tree is on their “Tree Finder”. If you have recently signed up to our marketplace and have your unique tree code then click on the button below to track your tree!


How Emporella’s Eco Wedding Pledge Is Going To Work

We wanted to give something back to our suppliers, a little thank you for supporting our business, and since we are so focused on making things more eco-friendly we thought there would be no better gift than to have a little tree planted in your name. It is much better than a bunch of flowers or something that would later be thrown away because this gift can continue to grow and get bigger for years and years to come.

Once you sign up to Emporella’s online marketplace we will contact you and ask what name you would like to put forward for the tree and where you would like the tree to be planted. For example, since our team is from Yorkshire we decided to get all 5 of our trees planted in Yorkshire to make sure our love will forever be a part of Yorkshire’s nature. You will then have your truly green tree gift planted by the charity to symbolise your positive impact on the world. Ooh there will be a certificate for you to keep too, one to share with your followers, be proud that you’re helping our environment. 

What Impact Does The Wedding Industry Have On The World?

Unfortunately, the wedding industry does have a big impact on growing landfills and carbon emissions due to the overwhelming amount of wedding waste that is produced each year. According to the Sea Ocean Rescue, a potential 4,910 tonnes of plastic is getting poured into our oceans every year due to the wedding industry. This is not on top of everything else, that is purely due to the wedding industry alone. That weight is equivalent to 47 blue whales. According to the charity, the biggest offenders are:

  • Plastic cups
  • Water bottles
  • Disposable Decorations
  • Gift Bags 
  • Confetti 
  • Wrapping & Favors

So, what can we do to make a difference? For starters, if you sign up to our marketplace you will be doing your part and reducing your carbon footprint because you will be contributing to getting more trees planted in the world. As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide many benefits to us, every day and you can be a part of this change. Everyone can make a change when it comes to climate change!

We also have a great catalog of blogs that highlight many easy ways you can plan and organise a more eco-friendly wedding. These blogs include:

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Written By Ryan Hirst