Looking for the perfect boho wedding gifts for your favourite bride or groom? Lucky for you, you’re in the right place!

After being invited to a wedding you quickly realize you have entered a minefield when it comes to choosing a wedding gift. If you are lucky then the couple will have put together a gift list. However, these days a couple will usually opt out of that tradition and leave you in a pickle.

If this situation seems relatable then keep on reading. I have created a list below of some of the best and most wonderful boho wedding gifts, all available on Emporella.com, that are sure to bring a sparkle to a bride or groom's eye. 

Unique Boho Wedding Gifts For Free-Spirited Couples

Embroidery Kit

Have you ever thought about trying your hand with a little bit of embroidery? Or, do you know someone who would LOVE to take a break from planning their wedding day and find a new hobby that could take their mind off things? Well, have a look at these…

Cristina Adami Design have two absolutely wonderful embroidery sets available on our online wedding marketplace and I know they could be perfect boho wedding gifts for a bride or groom who doesn’t mind a bit of crafting.

LOVE Embroidery Kit - £15.00

Ideal for a wedding gift, the LOVE embroidery kit is suitable for absolute beginners as well as anyone who might have already tried some basic stitches. The kit comes with the Love design with two options to finish the artwork and a floral design.


DANDELION Embroidery Kit - £19.00

This is my personal favorite kit. I think it is so pretty and would entwine perfectly as a boho wedding gift for a close friend.

The dandelion themed embroidery kit can be a great tool for learning how to embroider. It comes with instructions, tools and lots of beads so you will have lots to work with!

Once you have learnt the skill you can embroider your design wherever you like! Shirts, jumpers, napkins or you could hang your design on the wall or keep it on a shelf to lighten your day! Lots of options to choose from!


A Message In A Bottle - £5

The key to memorable boho wedding gifts is personality. The couple will probably be inundated with gifts that will get pushed aside and forgotten about so why don’t you take things up a notch and get them a unique gift that no one else will think about! 

Look at these lovely pressed flowers. Each bottle is lovingly made by drying and pressing the flowers and leaves, then selecting each flower to go inside the bottle. You then have the option of adding a sweet message inside the bottle for the unique and personal touch.


Personalised Cushion - £35.00

This boho wedding gift idea is a handmade 100% cotton cushion cover finished with matching invisible zip. The cushion would be ideal for a personalised gift for Christmas, an anniversary or for a bride or groom on their wedding day.

Based on the idea of the handwritten letter, this cotton cushion is fully hand made and hand painted just for you. That means YOU get to decide how the cushion will be personalised. This gives you the opportunity to make it as perfect as possible for the recipient.


Luxury Keepsake Pouch - £19.00

Have a look at these hand crafted pouches. Each one is handmade with satin or grosgrain ribbon and can work as keepsake for the recipient.

Similar to the cushion I just mentioned, there is the option to personalise the pouch. Once the package is open you can tread the ribbon through the pre-stitched channel and it becomes a keepsake bag or dust bag to keep your favourite items. 


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Written By Ryan Hirst