Autumn Wedding

Autumn Colours 

Autumn weddings are so beautiful, this is when it starts to get a little colder, the leaves start to fall and nights get darker. It always seems to feel cosy in autumn maybe that’s because of the colours. The colours that you choose for an autumn wedding are very important in enhancing the theme and season, selecting deep warm colours is vital. These are great examples to inspire your colour scheme.


Halloween Wedding

Is Halloween your favourite holiday, how about a Halloween theme wedding? Everyone loves carving and decorating pumpkins, who cares that it’s messy? You could even take it as far as having a fancy dress wedding. Or maybe just Halloween related decorations. We love the idea of customising pumpkins to make your wedding even more special and personal. how about using them as a canvas for the following…

  • Get your guests to write little messages on the pumpkins,
  • Write your names and wedding date.
  • Write a wedding catchphrase such as, I do or Just Married
  • Write your vows.
  • write funny stories about the bride and the groom


Autumn Senses

When I think of Autumn I immediately think of all the wonderful smells and tastes of tradition autumn foods, all the spices, and caramels. Fancy a taste? We recommend cinnamon buns, apple and blackberry pie, pecan pie, spiced lattes, squash soup and of course toffee apples. A great idea is a coffee and hot chocolate station with different flavoured syrups. Also surround yourself with yummy autumn smells so that in years to come every time you smell the sweet smell of autumn it will take you back to your wedding day. Yankee candles are a good addition to your wedding to enhance those beautiful autumn sents.

HyperFocal: -538214514


Remember, remember the fifth of November, is your wedding at the beginning of November, how about celebrating with sparklers and fireworks. Or sit around a bonfire roasting marshmallows and keeping all toastie and warm.

DIY Autumn wedding decor

These DIY ideas all include a walk in the park with a basket, the aim is to collect lots of autumn nature, keep your eyes on the ground and look out for pinecones, acorns, fallen leaves, tree bark, conkers, logs, and twigs and add them to your basket. Another step for these DIY autumn decor is to keep old jars and finished pasta sauces, jams or coffee jars clean them to create these easy beautiful decorations.

Idea 1. Easy and effective, just simply add the autumn nature to clear jars, fill them as full as you please and then add a candle or tealight. Make as many as possible to dot around the venue.


Idea 2. This DIY decor may take some time and a little effort, however, it can be more personal and can be a fun activity to do with kids. Also by throwing leaves on to the floor, it will be biodegradable rather than paper. Collect a range of leaves, in lots of different colours, then you’ll need to purchase a few different shaped paper cutters available at Pinky’s Home @ Then make as much as you desire.


Idea 3. Glittery Leaves. This process may be a little messy but I promise you it will all be worth it. All you need is a selection of leaves, which are very easy to find this time of year, and free. Then purchase a selection of glitters with colours that go with your colour scheme. or an alternative to glitter would be to paint the leaves or spray paint. Just as effective and slightly less messy. The hang from different length ribbons for the finished product. You can also glitter up or paint other pieces of autumn nature such as acorns, pine cones ect. Let this be an inspiration to endless amounts opportunities.


By Josie Mumby





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