10 Chocolate Favours for Chocolate Lovers

Are you stuck on what to get your guests as wedding favours? Why not consider some delicious chocolate ones. Chocolate is loved by just about everyone and you can now find it is so many different flavours, shapes and sizes perfect to style to fit perfectly into your wedding setting.

Here at Emporella with have made a list of 10 mouth-watering chocolate wedding favours for you to drool over, just try to resist eating them before you actually give them to your guests!

1. Chocolate Cupcakes

If you are not wanting to divide all your cake up on the day, why not get a small cake for you to cut and take home for yourselves and then get your guests cupcakes in the same flavour as your cake so they can take them home to enjoy!


2. Doughnuts

A sweet new wedding trend! Doughnuts are the hottest new addition to wedding dessert world right now. From cakes to favours, it’s easy to include this crowd-pleaser into your big day. Pop them up in cute bags and add a tag to say thanks to all your guess for attending your special day.


3. Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate and sweets are very popular choices to give to guests as wedding favors. Old-fashioned fudge is a fitting choice for couples who are hosting a country wedding. Fudge is a delicious chocolate wedding favour that is sure to delight guests at any wedding. Fudge makes an apt choice for a rustic country wedding in particular because of its down-home appeal.


4. Cookies

A delicious selection of chocolate cookies, you can really go wrong here can you? Whether you make them or buy them pre-made, you can tailor them to your wedding and your taste, but make sure you check your guests dietary requirements.


5. Hot Chocolate on a Stick

You can’t bet a good cup of hot chocolate, especially to keep your guests warm if its a cold day. Also, if you haven’t tried a hot chocolate stir then trust us they would make a great wedding favour and your guests will LOVE them! They even come in different flavours like peppermint, orange, peanut butter and even alcoholic ones for your adult guests. Simply add one to a mug of hot milk and stir. If you want to treat your guests even further you could also give them a bag of marshmallows to add their drink.


6. Cake Pops

Want to add a unique twist to your wedding favours? Then why not give out cake pops for your wedding favours. Cake pops are a small sweet treat that can be decorated in any colour you want – maybe make them match your theme!


7. Personalised Mini Jars of Nutella

How cute are these? Miniature jars of Nutella as wedding favours and you can even get them personalised with the guests names on for an extra special touch.


8. Mini Box of Chocolates

The only issue with chocolate favours at they aren’t a lasting keepsake from your wedding day. However why not give our guests some luxury chocolates in a personalised pretty box which they can still have once they have gobbled up to contents inside. Truffles are luxury, indulgent and something everyone can enjoy!


9. Chocolate Lollipops

If you are a chocolate lover, then chocolate lollipops are a great favour idea for your wedding! You could mix it up and write personalised messages on them, as the little details make your day that extra special!


10. Personalised Chocolate Place Names

Chocolates that are personalised with each person’s name are a very thoughtful idea and show your guests that you appreciate them being there for your special day. You could even use them as your table names to add a special touch to your wedding tables!


If you have any other chocolate ideas for wedding favours then lets us know in the comments below!

By Mackenzie Brook

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