Rock & Roll Editorial


This photoshoot is classic and luxury with a punch. Super edgy and super cool. The styling, photography, venue, and props work together in harmony to create the ideal rock and roll wedding. The shoot also wouldn’t be as successful as it was without the romance and the chemistry between the two starring models. See end for suppliers…

Bridal Emporium NCH-57

The photography is dark and mysterious but perfectly shows the lavish, cool feel of the shoot. The black and white effects add to the rock and roll theme, which photographer Tim Dunk executes perfectly. The black and white also give a timeless feeling, slightly vintage and royal. Using photography this way gives a chance to make your wedding artistic.

Bridal Emporium NCH-112

The styling oozes expense and elegance, with designer Eliza Jane Howell dresses Zenith, Lucille and Lady Daisy are the stars of the show. sparkling with 1920’s glam. Think great gatsby meets 50’s rockers. These dresses are not the most traditional wedding dresses perfect for the more edgy or vintage bride. These dresses have tonnes of detail, sparkle in every light and photograph like a dream. Let’s not forget about the suit, from the wonderful Yorkshire Menswear. Looking stylish, fresh and smart.


Another standout piece from this shoot is the Prosecco Van, this unique idea for a bar is perfect for those who love a drink. These have become a popular additional charm to all special occasions when it is an absolute must to be contemporary or classically different. We also love the flowers throughout the shoot, by the amazing The Flower Shop Ossett, notice how the bouquet isn’t neat and sleek, the stray of leaves is a trendy way to use flowers work with the edgy rock and roll theme.

Bridal Emporium NCH-97

The table setting for this photo shoot was styled to look slightly old-fashioned and traditional but stylish and expensive. Accompanied by a bottle of our favourite whiskey! Something so small such as glassware, cutlery, and plates can really add to the theme and style of the wedding. Definitely, something you should not forget about. Stationary can also be used to carry out the wedding theme.


The Venue New Craven Hall was spacious bare and grand, perfect to get your artistic juices flowing to decorate and style the venue to your theme. Think of it as a blank canvas in the heart of Yorkshire. The venue gives the perfect opportunity to fill with lights. Just like in this photoshoot. We love the words in lights, like the classic Yorkshire saying “Ey up”! Candles were also a key feature to this shoot. Candles bring warmth and romance to the shoot.


Bridal Emporium NCH-59

Bridal Emporium NCH-2


Photographer: Tim Dunk Photography

Dresses: Eliza Jane Howell at The Bridal Emporium

Suits:  Yorkshire Menswear 

Venue: New Craven Hall

Cakes: Zoe’s Fancy Cakes

Flowers and Decor: The Flower Shop Ossett

Props: AddVintage

Stationery: Gray Starling Designs

Hair & Make up: Lipstick & Curls

By Josie Mumby


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