Chic Bridal Shower Ideas Every Bride Will Love

Every bride must have a ‘Bridal Shower’ (also known as a hen-do), where the maid of honour, along with the other bridesmaids, plan an amazing and memorable event that will lead the bride off into the married world with her groom! Here are a few chic and classy ideas for the bride-to-be who’s got a taste for elegance and sophistication.

The Royal Theme


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This is a very formal theme where you can dress-up for the occasion and enjoy a fancy sit-down dinner. Treat everyone to a delicious 3-course meal, be sure to include the best wines and champagne. This could be a pricey evening but if everyone pitches in then a great shower can be planned! To make the bride feel extra special, why not provide her with a royal crown and continue the night out with all the VIP treatments, pulling out all the stops, your bride is sure to be feeling like a princess for the night. All props and decor can be DIY where you can add personal touches, adding the extra detail for the royal treatment.



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For those sophisticated ladies who also enjoy the outdoors, glamping is sure to be a great bridal shower theme for you! It is glamorous camping, spend the night under the stars with all your besties, roasting marshmallows on the fire in a candlelight setting. Enjoying the peaceful nature of the evening, definitely a lovely way to relax before the big wedding day. Why not take a hike through the woods the next day and take in all that fresh air.

Spa Day


For an even more relaxing bridal shower, a day trip to the spa is perfect and will get the bride all pampered for her wedding. Any spa offers a few great packages for the bridal party and some extra treatment for the bride. Be sure to get a body massage and a nail treatment, these are must-do’s when going to the spa and you will all leave with that wonderful and relaxed feeling!

Afternoon Tea at The Races


This is a really fun idea that everyone will be sure to enjoy. Why not plan a full day at the races where you can enjoy a luxury afternoon tea set-up or opt for the champagne bar (most racecourses have them). This idea is great for a summer bridal shower where you have the opportunity to win some extra cash for the honeymoon, hopefully! Take the opportunity to dress-up for the day out and possibly include a dress-up theme.

Slumber Party

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If you are wanting to save money for the wedding then a budget bridal shower is the only option and this idea is great to keep the costs low and it can be a really fun day, prepping all the goodies! If everyone pitches in with pillows and sheets, a comfortable princess fort can be built and cheap decor like fairy lights and balloons can be added. Prep day will include baking cupcakes and yummy cookies, choosing the right pizza takeaway and buying all the booze – prosecco is a must-have, why not treat yourselves?

Hollywood Glam 

This is always a great inspiration for any celebration! Hollywood glam includes sparkly dress, dolled up hair, Marilyn Monroe inspired looks and fabulous decor, just think Great Gatsby. A themed dress-up adds entertainment to the evening, a prize goes to Marilyn’s best look and this theme will make you all feel the most glamorous. Champagne, feathers and swing music are necessities so get ready to dance and enjoy the evening!

If you have more fun bridal shower ideas then be sure to leave them in the comments, we would love to hear your ideas.

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