Unique Ways To Include Your Pets On Your Big Day

If you’re a barking-mad animal lover like we are here at Emporella, then you’ll no doubt want your fury friends involved in your special day. After all, your pet is part of your family! There are countless ways to incorporate them in to your wedding but if you’re struggling for inspiration then continue reading – we’ve got your back!

Before the big day, why not get your fluffy ball of joy to partake in some pre-wedding or engagement photo shots. You can have them with cute quotes or signs, balloons or just fun action shots. Maybe tie in your wedding theme to make it more authentic and personal, have your colours, patterns, cultural theme – anything! Make it your own but most importantly make it fun!


Look at June Bug Weddings for engagement/pet photography.

The most obvious suggestion is to have them walk the bride-to-be down the isle. This is such a meaningful way of getting your loyal family member involved and it gives them a spotlight too! All of your guests will be pawing out the ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ (loving these animal puns) You can even present them in a little suit, tie or even give them a flower crown – absolutely adorable. This usually works well with doggos as they are very obedient and will be distracted less easily but if you’re a fan of the less-traditional animal then you can have birds, goats, elephants, pigs – just for a few examples! Perfect for that farm-loving couple.

Read this article on: Brides.com for more cute, fluffy inspo.

Another sweet way to involve your pets is to have them as the ring bearer; but remember to keep the rings secure incase they decide to shake-it-off and lose it by accident! This unique involvement allows for personal moments between your little family, bonded together by love and loyalty – adding that extra specialty to your big day. These are the moments that you will remember forever and look back on, thinking about how your beloved animal helped you tie the knot. Super cute!

More fury fun over on: Deep Pearl Flowers

A quirky and humorous way to involve your puppa is to have them in a costume; could be anything you desire – comic book heroes, TV characters or even security! This is a fun and hilarious way to show off their true beauty and it’s a guaranteed win with your guests: plus your pet will get plenty of attention, woof! Cats are also perfect for this role but just be careful and make sure they have a cat sitter! Adorable.


This adorable pup was found on: Pinterest

You could use your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, horse, pig, chicken, bunny an attach a camera to them for a unique wedding perspective. This will be so fun to look back through after the celebrations as it will show you things from their view which is that much more special as they’re showing you what they saw of your big day. We love this idea and their involvement is so unique and quirky – as they’ve captured something that you can keep hold of and look back over forever.


Idea and Inspo: The Backyard Wedding

Alternatively, you could hold a pet friendly wedding day – providing a special play area for pets of your guests (and obviously your own) under supervision by a special play friend. Making handmade, organic and suitable pet treats is a great touch and will be enjoyed greatly by all pets. You could have lots of cool stuff for them to enjoy whilst their humans mingle and enjoy your big day without having to worry about their fury friends at home. It would be like a mini party for pets – imagine the timeless photos you could snap (especially polaroids, they would look super cool!)

The main purpose is to have all of your family involved in celebrating your marriage – which includes your pets. If you are as passionate and in love with them as your partner then why shouldn’t they be invited? We all love a good cuddle from our pets at the end of the day so why not let them share some love on your big day!

We hope you’ve found this useless and would consider inviting your little bundle of fur along with you and giving them the responsibility and chance to help you tie the knot.

Let us know if you have tried out any of these ideas and how they went for you or if you’re wanting to try any of these, we love to hear from you!



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