Wedding Day Emergency Kits

Surprises are always bound to happen, when I say surprises I mean the unplanned events and hiccups that give you mini heart attacks on your big day, because how much fun would it be without them?

A wedding day emergency kit is a must on your big day as it will include most objects and little things to resolve such hiccups, the kit is there to calm your nerves and make sure everything runs smoothly, they can also be known as wedding day survival kits!

As the bride, you can gather the essentials yourself however it is mainly the maid of honour’s duty to make sure everything that the bride will have everything she will need on the day and that it is all in the kit and ready for any emergency.

We can divide the emergency kit into sections, making it all neat and organised for rushed moments.

Wellness includes;

Hopefully you will not need to use any of these and that the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party are all in perfect health, ready for the ceremony and party time! 


Pain Killers

Plasters – Just in case the heels start to hurt after all the dancing!

Eye Drops

Non-drowsy Allergy Tablets – You never know when you will need them

Toothbrush and Toothpaste – Of course to keep your breathe minty fresh for the first kiss!

Mouth Wash – To enhance the minty freshness

Tissues – Always handy in case the water works start

Tampons or Pads – Best to be ready!

Sunscreen – For those who are having a summer wedding, be careful the sun can be quite hot and you do not want to be all red on the day

Hand Sanitiser

Ear-buds – They are handy when fixing your nails or make-up

Beauty includes;

These products are very important when getting ready and also for the touch-ups throughout the day/night of the big day.


A Comb – Obviously very necessary to keep the hair looking good


A Mirror

Body Lotion and Hand Cream – Apply before getting dressed, why not have a mini pamper sessions with you bridesmaids. Then be sure to use some hand cream, making them nice and soft for all the hand-holding moments

Deodorant and Perfume – Be sure to keep spraying them on to smell all sweet for your new husband


Nail File – For the dreadful nail emergencies

Nail Polish – Include the colour you desire and extra one (in case you have a change of heart – on the colour that is!) + Clear nail varnish and remover

Cotton pads

Lipstick + Lip Gloss – Very necessary for the touch-ups during the day/evening!


Always Handy includes;

These objects consist of the ones that you will probably not use during the wedding, hopefully, however they are always good to have on hand – rather not take the risk right!


Sewing Kit – Very important to always have one handy, just in case some last minute sewing or adjustments need to be done

Fabric Tape

Anti-blister Spray – Just in case the plasters don’t do the job properly!

Anti-static Spray

Phone-charger – A must-have in the emergency kit, you don’t want your phone to die as the ceremony starts

Comfortable Pumps – For when you are done with the heels for the night, maybe after the 3rd glass of champagne!

Pen + Paper

Razor – For last minute shaving

Snacks  includes;

Because every emergency kit needs snacks!


Chocolate or Sweets – Be sure not to eat a lot though as you do not want to fill up on this

Water and Energy Drinks

Tea – Because there is always a need for tea (or coffee)

Protein Snacks and Energy Snacks – Like nuts or digestives

Chewing Gum or Breathe Mints – Again, to enhance the minty fresh breathe

And Finally… Alcohol – Of course a necessity in a wedding emergency kit, a small shot is always allowed to calm the nerves!

Make sure you have these necessities in your emergency kit, ready to tackle any hiccups that may occur on the big day, most of all though – Do not stress, be happy and enjoy the beginning of your married life with your partner!

If you can think of any other must-haves, do share them with us by leaving a comment.



By Kelsey Hardy





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