5 Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

You will have spent months and months and all your efforts making sure that every last little detail is perfect for your big day! But once the day is over what are you going to do with everything you have made or purchased? Here at Emporella we have put together this blog post with some great tips on how to recycle and reuse 5 elements of your wedding. We hope it helps!

1. Your wedding dress – There are many ways to recycle your wedding dress. The idea to keep it is obviously going to be your first choice, but do you really want to leave it in your wardrobe for years collecting dust! Maybe you have a relative that could wear it or take elements from it to add to their wedding dress or even turn it into your first child’s baptism gown. Or if you don’t like either of them ideas why not just give it to charity.


2. Floral – The best way to recycle your floral arrangements is by giving them to guests to take home as wedding favours, you could donated them to a local hospital or nursing home or even to a local business.


3. Food – Everyone can get carried away when planning the food for their wedding, you end up ordering enough for a small army and no-one ends up eating it all. It’s a shame to see so much nice tasty food go to waste so why not make arrangements for someone to box up the leftovers and take them to a local food shelter so they can serve them to people in need.


4. Favors and décor – Many couples buy wedding favours etc. and they just end up getting left on the tables at the end of the day. This can be avoid by not giving favours and letting guests take home a floral arrangement of table centrepiece instead.


5. Invitations – Many people just end up throwing away the save-the-dates and wedding invitations that you send them so the best thing to do is make sure your invites are 100% recyclable to avoid unnecessary waste.


Here at Emporella we would love to hear all about your guys creative ways of recycling your wedding items in the comments below!

By Mackenzie Brook


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