DIY Wedding Nails!

Your nails are one of the important things that need to be done properly and looking all pretty for the big day, if not, how are you going to take the perfect picture of the rings if your nails are not looking as sharp as the diamond?

First things first, one must choose which style of nail art they want, if you are looking for something funky then we have a few fun ideas for you, or if you are wanting to stick to the most common wedding nails —–> the french manicure, a very sleek and lovely option that matches with the elegance of any ring and of course the dress!

Then a colour (or colours) must be chosen, be sure not to choose anything too bold, unless you want people to notice your nails against your dress. There are so many options available, endless colours, mattes, gels, sparkles and more. You can find all these options at any body care stores such as Boots and Superdrug.

Let’s start with the easiest, a straight colour. Just choose a colour and paint away, like your would do every week-end! This is a simple option but it can look great against a detailed gown, the colour can be a bold, bright or a faint one, it is up to you! Adding some extra accessories like jewellery could enhance the chosen colour too.


Second option – The french manicure, a very popular option and it is very easy to do it yourself. Make sure you have all the different types of polishes and props; A clear (optional) base coat, tape, white nail polish and a clear top coat. Firstly apply the base coat, this can be clear or coloured, wait for it to dry nicely then add the tape along the top white parts of your nails, make sure the tape is properly on and all the way round your nail. Apply the white polish above and wait for it to dry thoroughly as if you remove the tape when it’s still wet then your nails will smudge! Finally, remove the tape and apply the clear top coat, this helps to keep your nails stronger and last longer. An extra top tip for french manicure nails is that if you don’t have a very steady hand and the white polished line is not exactly straight then why not add a strip of glitter with a pen, this adds a nice touch of glam to your french tips!


To funk your nails up a bit more, why not play around with the tape and create some different patterns on each nail. Have some fun and apply different colours on each nail for a bolder look! Be sure to let each coat dry well before applying another. For poker dots, use an earbud and dip it into the pot of polish then dab them onto your nail.

3-scotch-tape (1)

Another fun idea can be done with lace, giving your nails a snake-skin pattern. Firstly apply a clear base coat, if a coloured bottom coat is desired then apply a colour coat. Secondly find a small piece of lace, just big enough fit around your finger and tape it on tightly so it does not move when you apply the second coat of nail polish, this can be any colour, why not add a strong contrast to the previous coat, like red on pink! Don’t be afraid if you paint off the nail, it will easily come off when you next wash your hands.


Next idea is splattered nails! If you are doing this idea you will need to lay some newspaper down as it may splatter off your nails. This is a really funky idea and gives you a nice artistic look! Apply a base coat and then apply the first coat of colour, if you wish for the base of your nail to be clear then do not apply a coloured coat. You will have to get your hands a bit dirty for this one, pour some nail varnish in a separate pot and mix with a very little bit of nail polish remover, this will liquidise the varnish a bit more. Once both coats (or the single coat) are completely dry then take a small paint brush and dip it into the liquidised varnish and splatter away on each nail, why try out different colours for a brighter look!


All these ideas are fairly easy to do and can be a great hen do activity! For extra pampering, why not add some pedicures too! If you have some great nail art ideas then do share them with us in the comments below.


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By Kelsey Hardy



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