2017 Wedding Shoes Trends

Wedding shoes often take late priority, but this shouldn’t be the case, finding the right shoe is very important, think of comfort, posture and style.

Our favourite Wedding shoe trend for 2017 is Something Blue. We all know the famous poem, well how about ticking off the something blue by having blue shoes. Make the shoes visible with a tea length dress or keep them hidden under your dress, where your guests will get a sneak peek during your first dance as you twirl.


Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something Blue… And a Silver Sixpence for your shoe. 

Ballet Pumps is another beautiful trend we love. Comfortable and stylish, giving you the ability to dance the night away with ease. Either go fully flat or with a tiny heel, just to help with your posture. We also love the classic ballet look, with the ribbon tied around the ankle and up the leg.

Lace and Embroidery. Whether you go for flats or heels detailed shoes are stunning, they can bring a little something extra to a simple wedding dress or go along side an embroidered, lace dress. We also love to see the lace against the skin. This is definitely a popular 2017 shoe trend.

Satin. Keep it simple and classic with a satin shoe, we love this idea of a quiet shoe with one small piece of detail as the focus. Take a look at these stunning examples. Stick with your theme, go with floral detail or glamorous sparkle.

Writing on the soles of the shoes. This idea is amazing and can be done with any type shoes. Its perfect to keep as beautiful memories for years to come. Here are some ideas of what to write;

  • Get your guests to write little messages for you to keep forever,
  • Write your names and wedding date.
  • Write a wedding catchphrase such as, I do or Just Married
  • Go for comedy, perhaps HELP ME.
  • Write your vows.

We hope these trends inspired you and your decision on wedding shoes for further help here are some wonderful shoe suppliers to check out…

Rachel Simpson Shoes

The Perfect Bridal Company

Pink Paradox Shoes

Rainbow Club

Freya Rose

Harriet Wilde

Emmy London

Charlotte Mills

Bridal Shoes By MillyJ

By Josie Mumby

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