Outdoor Decoration Ideas 2017

Are you planning an outdoor wedding but falling flat when it comes to decorative ideas?We have you covered. Our carefully selected list of decorations will help inspire you, not only can you adapt and style them in unique ways but you can customise each one to fit your own wedding style – so much fun!


For those couples who just can’t get enough of the outdoors and want their wedding style to be a massive backyard party then this article is definitely designed for you. Your guests are guaranteed to be amazed by your wedding and how much effort you’ve put in to making it so special.

Our first idea is based around beverages. Instead of just being plain and serving your drinks to your guests from a tray, why not delve in to that outdoor serve-yourself style and use plant pots/boxes to hold your bottles. Surround them with ice to keep them cool and maybe add some fake flowers/greenery to make it authentic looking. This is an easy way for guests to choose what they want to drink and it works amazingly with the outdoor theme. Alternatively, you could also use wheelbarrows for that real outdoor vibe – it holds a lot of drinks and would look so rustic and authentic in an outdoor setting – perfect!

Images – Pinterest

Carrying on with the drink station idea, another great way to store your beverages for guests would be to use massive glass mason jars with a tap so that your guests can browse and help themselves. This storage looks great in pictures too as it’s very backyard chic meets family barbecue. You can devise labels for your guests so they are aware of the flavour and create unique flavours, homemade too for that personal touch. Why not combine the two ideas and serve your drinks in mini mason jars in a bucket/plant box full of ice – a great way to use fresh ingredients, serve smoothies and ice cold fruit juices for those hot summer days.

Images – Pinterest

Making your guests aware of what’s happening on your big day is essential, but instead of just using paper itineraries that your guests may put down and forget to hold on – why not use chalkboards or wooden signs. This is a very rustic, popular trend however, you can customise them and make them your own by decorating them with greenery and flowers or maybe some fairy lights or paper lanterns to make them unique. Instead of the popular choice of sign, why not epicycle old photo frames and add your own chalkboard to make it more special and unique than the rest, this way you can have them hanging from trees or proped-up against your table in various colours and styles. These signs are perfect for an outdoor wedding and look so effective with the green backdrop.

Images – Pinterest 

For an added feature to your wedding, why not create an outdoor backyard movie theatre. This is great for those younger ones, to keep them quiet and entertained but it can also be used for a video montage of the happy couple – dual purpose! This would look amazing in your wedding photos and is uncommon for weddings so it’s fairly unique. Why not also add to your outdoor space some cushions and some blankets to make it the ideal cosy spot for your guests to unwind whilst you continue to drink and dance on through the night! Adding fairy lights to this space will make it super cosy, homely and completely dreamy!

Images –  Pinterest

Another decorative idea would be the use of balloons. The majority of weddings this season feature big, white balloons which look awesome in wedding shots however, you can again customise them to your needs: choose various colours, shapes and textures to compliment your wedding theme. You could even have a balloon station if you have a lot of young children attending with their parents, it’s fun and interactive and would be a great feature for your wedding day. Another way to add colour to an outdoor wedding scene would be to use paper lanterns/fans – these are very inexpensive but look so effective and fun, suitable for any setting! Another simple way to use balloons is to buy text balloons, they’re great for making a statement but are also super unique and on trend.

Images – Pinterest

Another popular idea for wedding decor is the photo booth. We are aware that this has been overdone to death and is a very common feature at weddings but with it being outdoors it already makes it slightly different. You could use the green backdrop as your setting, find some pretty bunting to hang with a quote on “just married” or “wedding of…” and create your own props. You could take inspiration from already existing props: funny hats, speech bubbles, lips, arrows etc or you could be completely creative and cater it to the couple with phrases you commonly use, expressions, family members memorable items (phone, ring, hat) or you could simply just have a booth where you all gather together and have a lovely picture. The choice is yours but we think this is a great interactive tool that your guests will love.

Images – Pinterest

There are also the obvious decorations for those vintage, rustic lovers such as: bunting or hanging fabric, floral details, greenery or vines, fairy lights, hay bails, wooden details, pre-loved and up cycled furniture etc. These are self explanatory but are great ways to fill out some space and tie a theme together. You can pick these up anywhere, or you could ever get crafty an try and make some yourself it’s completely up to you.

These are just a handful of outdoor decorations that can be chosen for your big day. They are all amazing ideas and are versatile, effective and can be crafted to be unique for the couple. If you are a fan of our outdoor inspo then give us a like and leave your comment down below as to what you would love to try/already have tried.

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