2017 Suit Trends

There are lots of different styles of suits, not just the different colours. There’s the material, country, lapels, breasted and pants. But before we start here’s a little disclaimer: I am no suit expert so this blog isn’t going to be very technical but I hope it can help you and inspire your chose of suit for the big day, especially when we look at the latest trends for wedding suits. This one’s for the men!!

Latest Trends

1. Relaxed- This relaxed open look is perfect for a summer wedding, or a wedding abroad, on the beach in paradise. It is light and casual while still looking sharp and dapper. This look is also great for the wedding reception, to be more comfortable while dancing and having a great time.


2. Three Piece– This trend is more of a tradition that lives on. The three piece suit has been around for years and years because it looks smart and refined, But this look can’t be done half heartedly, it needs to be completed with all of the trimmings, including the tie clip, cuff links, hanky chief and corsage.


 3. Bow Tie– The return of the bow tie is a quirky, fun style for the groom. Wearing a bow tie rather than a regular tie is something a little different while still looking smart and dapper.


4. Tweed- I know what you’re thinking, but no, Tweed isn’t just for farmers. Tweed is becomeing more and more fashionable for both the older and the younger groom. It looks good and is a little different from the traditional suit.


The Perfect Suit


Now to the more specific details of the suit, starting with the lapels. The Lapel is the fold of fabric across the chest that sits just above the waist. Take a look at the different types with a little helping hand from this diagram. In today’s fashion, the most popular style is the peak kind. Peak allows more structure and creates a sharper look. But if you’re aiming for a more casual feel, shawl and wide notch look work perfectly.


The Country it was made in



Double Breasted buttons are where the jacket overlaps with usually 4 to 8 buttons used with 4 being the most common, versus single breasted with only 1 to 3 buttons. This is down to preference, in our opinion double breasted looks smarter and more expensive, but this isn’t to everyone’s tastes. This is the case for both jackets and waistcoats.


Now you have found out what style of suit you like, it doesn’t stop there, now you need to decide on the colour scheme, you’ll need to discuss this with the bride, obviously, you can’t be having a red tie with a blush dress now can you? Traditionally the groom’s tie and pocket handkerchief should match with the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers and/ or decorations. But that’s not always the case. Also, consider how you are going to get the suit, will you buy one? Rent one? get it specially made? There’s a lot more to plan than you may have first thought! We hope this helps you with your journey to find the perfect suit!

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By Josie Mumby


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