Real Wedding – Natalie Donaghue and Patrick McIntyre

Here at Emporella we are very happy to introduce the beautiful, real bride, Natalie Donaghue, who married her groom Patrick McIntyre in June this year. We are grateful to the couple who have shared every detail of their big day and the lead up to the wedding for this blog post, and we know that you are going to enjoy reading this just as much as we did!



Natalie Donaghue and Patrick Mcintyre first met when they were 13 years old at an underage night at a club called Cube. The couple began dating when they were 15, then became an official couple on the 21st February, 2007. Natalie decided to book a last minute holiday for the 5th May 2014 to Sidari, Corfu in Greece. On the first night of the holiday Patrick booked a lovely restaurant overlooking the beach. After dinner he convinced Natalie to hire a quad, which she wasn’t keen about, he took her up to this beautiful cliff top overlooking the sea, where they watched the sunset. Patrick was shaking and began telling Natalie how much she meant to him and how the last 7 years had been so fun. Patrick then got down on one knee, took a ring box out of his pocket and proposed. Natalie burst into tears and of course, said yes! They spent the rest of the evening celebrating with champagne while watching the rest of the sunset.IMG_1294The couple got married on the 6th June, 2017, exactly 3 years since the proposal. They got married at Le Ciel Santorini in Imerovigil, Santorini, Greece, where 40 guests, family and friends, travelled to help celebrate their big day.


Two days before the wedding Natalie and Patrick and all their friends went out for pre wedding celebrations. They headed into Santorini centre Thira, to a fabulous cocktail bar called Tango Bar, which overlooked the caldera and was very modern.

The day before the wedding the couple, the bridesmaids and their friends went on a private boat tour. It was an all inclusive tour on a catamaran around Santorini Island. They all had a fantastic day tanning & drinking on the boat. They had never all been away all together at the same time before and it was amazing. In the evening they all gathered in their hotel and the hotel pantheon villas Santorini sorted out a large pre wedding meal for us. That same evening the bride also gave her mum and the bridesmaids their gifts. For the mother of the bride she got her a Swarovski diamond bracelet & for the bridesmaids, gold bracelets with the infinity sign on them, along with bleached lime crime lipsticks & diamanté earrings to wear with their dresses .


The wedding photographer was called Vangelis. When they first decided on getting married in Santorini they looked up wedding images and they all looked fabulous, the photos that I was drawn to the most all seemed to be photographed by Vangelis. The images were just so clear and vibrant and the bride & grooms always looked stunning. His photos are breathtaking and he seemed very popular for wedding photography in Santorini. Natalie asked Vangelis which videographer he recommended and he said he preferred to work with a man name George, who worked for a company called wed2visions. On their wedding day they were both fantastic & very professional. They knew exactly what the couple wanted and made sure the couples photos and videos were better than perfect .


The groom, Patrick knew from the very start that he wanted to wear a kilt to get married,  as he wears a suit for work everyday and it didn’t feel special wearing a suit. They went to kilts 4 U, where he tried a few on. He didn’t want to pick any dark colours as the couple were going abroad to get married, he ended up picking a black & champagne gold kilt with a thistle tartan on it, which was kilts 4 u own design. It was perfect & it went lovely with the gold coloured theme they had picked for their wedding day.IMG_0698The bride had  trouble trying to find a wedding dress that she truly loved. She began by looking online where she was inspired so much by the Berta and Galia Kebab bridal gowns with lace, how fitted they were and the sparkle that came from them. They went to several shops with her bridesmaids and mum and tried on around 10 bridal gowns in each shop and just wasn’t over the moon about any of them. She then booked an appointment at Kavelle bridal in Edinburgh I went into Kavelle and the owner was a lovely woman who pulled loads of beautiful fitted dresses for her to try on. The first dress she tried on was by atelier provonias. It was ivory lace with a nude underlay and it was off the shoulders , fitted & with a long lace train. It was perfect she showed her mum and the bridesmaid and they cried & said it was perfect too. Kavelle added a lace long veil & a diamonte headband and belt and the dress was complete. Natalie had tears of joy that she had finally found her perfect dress.

Finally, Natalie’s mum got her outfit first (mother of the bride) she had been looking online and seen a lovely outfit from Catherine of Patrick. She found the dress she loved and it was on sale, her mum was over the moon so bought her outfit straight away. Along with a hat to match.


They had 40 guests that attend their wedding day, around 28 members were family and the rest were close friends. When they first thought of going aboard for the wedding they sent round an email to all their family and friends to ask if they would be willing to travel aboard to give them an idea of who would be able to make it as they were worried people wouldn’t be willing to travel. To the couples surprise most people were over the moon to be asked to go to Santorini as it was somewhere none of them had been to before and had always dreamed of going to. Around 8 months before they got invites made from a company called Dolly Bird, who helped them design a perfect invite that contained all the info on flights & hotels and the wedding day details, they also included luggage tags for all the ladies to tie onto their luggage, an extra special touch.


Natalie and Patrick got married in Le Ciel, Santorini a very modern wedding venue. Located at the highest point of Santorini’s spectacular caldera cliffs, the endless blue and seductive sunsets create the idyllic setting for the couples wedding. Le Ciel’s spacious open air terrace and indoor areas set the scene, the restaurant has indoor & outdoor seating and a bar. They decorated the isle and alter with white roses & Hydrangea flowers and had small white bird cages as the centre pieces filled with hydrangeas and had candles placed around them. There was a collection of lanterns and candles to fill the corners of the wedding venue. For their table plan they used names of places Natalie and Patrick had visited for each table, as their wedding favours they made small boxes with little designs on them and filled them with homemade tablet. There was loads of extra special little touches added to the wedding, they ordered fans, so guests could fan themselves as it was a very hot day, along with small tags made for tying the cutlery together that read ‘Thank you for sharing our first meal as Mr & Mrs. Finally for their wedding cake they got a two tier white cake from a little bakery in Santorini, and took our own cake topper that read Mr and Mrs McIntyre.


Their wedding food was made by Le Santorini and it was delicious, they picked the 4 course meal from different parts of the set meals that were offered to them:



Meatballs, fresh mushrooms, garlic, fresh basil

Second Course



Chicken on a stick, tzatziki, peppers, onion, tomato & baked potatoes on a stick with onion, fresh basil and smoked paprika



with crushed Oreo

All guests all had the same meal and were blown away at how delicious the food was. Everyone cleaned their plates, the food was just outstanding. IMG_1213The bride’s wedding highlight – “The most magical moment of the wedding day was walking down the aisle with my dad. He was very emotional with tears in his eyes and my dad isn’t a man who ever cries. Walking down the aisle to see all the faces of my loved ones smiling up at me and gasping at how beautiful they thought I looked. To then meet my husband to be at the alter and burst into tears to say I looked so beautiful made me tear up with happiness. It was just a perfect moment. I could see my mum & Gran crying tears of happiness in the front row and I had to take a deep breath to steady myself and say my vows. I could hear Patrick’s voice trembling as he tried to speak and he really did have all the guests in tears as they said it was such a wonderful ceremony as u could see how much we loved each other and how much this meant to us.”

Suppliers –

Photographer – Vangelis

Videographer – wed2visions

Wedding Planner – Heliotopos Weddings

Venue – Le Ciel Santorini in Imerovigil, Santorini, Greece

Grooms Kilt – kilts 4 U

Wedding Dress – Kavelle bridal Designer – Atelier Provonias

Mother of the Brides Outfit – Catherine of Patrick

Invites – Dolly Bird

Food – Le Santorini

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