Advice: Wedding Cake Tips

Everyone loves cake, right? In the wedding world people are really starting to mix things up a bit and are leaving the traditions behind, yet the wedding cake is here to stay! Serving people cake on the wedding day is a tradition that isn’t going anywhere. They are getting bigger, more unique, bolder and just plain and simply BETTER!

Because only on your wedding day can you have your cake and eat it too 😉

Start Early And Ask Around 

Make sure to research your cake designer, as a good designer will be totally flexible and design around your needs. Your cake should compliment your whole wedding day, so it’s best to get an early start with your wedding planning, so that way you can design your cake to fit into its surroundings. Another tip is to attend multiple wedding fayres and ask around to find the best baker.


Write Everything Down

To ensure you get exactly what you want, make sure you check and double check all the details, times, place, date etc. Make sure its clear what your cake will look like on your wedding day down to the very last detail.

Be Honest With Your Budget

It’s important that you trust your cake designer enough to tell them your real budget. This allows the baker to show you all the designs that fit within YOUR budget!


Taste The Cake

Make sure you get to taste before you buy, try tasting all the flavours to make sure you get exactly what you want. Find out when all the bakers next tasting days are scheduled, this is an excellent opportunity to meet the designers and fully understand their range of abilities.


Select a Style

Top tip when dealing with your cake, do it after you have finalised your venue, dress and decor, that way you can tailor your cake to fit all the finer details. Let it compliment the venue, season, gown, flower arrangements and even the menu! Its the little details that make all the difference!


Price It Up

Remember the number of portions/guests dictates the size of your cake which contributes to the price. Its a good idea to have enough cake for every person, but you need to put your budget first and realistically not everyone will eat the cake. So why not try have one small tier cake for cutting and then cupcakes for everyone to take home – a great way of saving some extra pennies.


Be Fearless With Flavours

Why not mix things up a bit, be bold and brave with your flavours. Don’t forget that every tier of your cake can be a different flavour, however this will increase the price. Go for one flavour everyone will like but then for the other tiers mix things up a bit and have some more unique and daring flavours.

Get Delivery Details Down To A Tee

This is a very important one, you need to drill it in to the baker, when and where to deliver the cake. Give them the date, time down to the minute, directions and contact numbers for you and the venue to make sure your cake is on time and in perfect condition ready for you big day!

And Lastly ENJOY!


We all love cake here at Emporella and hope you find the perfect one for your special day. Let us know in the comments below of any top tips you have for newly engaged couples and why not share photos of your wedding cake for inspiration! We would love to see them.


By Mackenzie Brook


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