Wedding Photography Ideas

If you’re the kind of couple that loves to be surrounded by memories, photographs of special events or occasions so you can relive those precious times and smile every time you catch a glimpse then why not try these alternatives to hiring a professional wedding photographer.

We are aware that having a photographer on the best day of your lives is essential but if you can’t afford to pay for a professional all day, or can’t afford to pay for a good quality photographer then we have some other ways you can hang on to those sweet memories.


First of all, why not create a hashtag for your wedding. Social media has blown up in the past few years, and has advanced so much to the point that hashtags are used in real life conversations (I know, weird right!) but they can definitely be used to your advantage. At  celebrations people usually take lots of photographs and then just choose the best ones and forget about the rest, some you may not even like but they think you both look amazing.

By creating a hashtag on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc you can get your guests to upload their images as soon as they snap it, using your hashtag makes it easy to find all of your wedding photographs in one place, from all of your guests. The advantage of this is that they capture the moments that you forgot about, because you’re either too busy stressing about the cake or the table not being perfect, or you’re too involved in the fact that you’re actually married.

Those are the moments that you need to be reminded of, your first dance, your first kiss, your parent’s crying or your partner smiling as you walk down the isle. Write your hashtag on your tables, on a sign outside your wedding, on your invites – just somewhere your guests will notice it and upload.


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Another way to save those photographs and save money at the same time is to use disposable cameras. These are so vintage it’s amazing, they capture great quality images (well, for the technology!) and are easily developed. Place a couple in the middle of your tables so that your guests can all chip in and create great memories, together. This is a great way for people to get interactive too and the joy is not knowing how the photographs are going to turn out until you get them developed.

You then already have hard copies of the photographs, ready for a wedding album or a frame or you could choose a couple and send them out to special people as an extra wedding favour to say thank you for capturing such beautiful memories with you, this would be a great touch and is super personal.

Disposable cameras can be alternated and decorated however you like too, to fit in with your table decor or your theme so they’re very versatile and interactive – a great addition and alternative to a photographer.


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If you already own a polaroid camera, then you make things even cheaper for yourself – if you don’t then why not ask a friend see if they have one you can borrow of buy one from a reliable seller on eBay or Amazon – cheap. These are instant, great photographs that you can see and touch straight away.

If you choose this method of photography you could have a Photo Booth or a corner dedicated to taking photographs of you and your guests, this makes pictures fun and interactive and allows the guests to let go and really enjoy the night. I know that not everyone in the family likes having their picture taken and wants to stay out of the way, but this method brings everyone together and the props allow for that awkward family member to hide behind something, posing and being involved in your photography.

You could also ask your guests to take a photograph of their favourite part of the reception/ceremony, stick it in and write in a guest book their comments. This is a great way to see what your guests enjoyed about your big day and you can look back on moments you may not remember clearly or ones that you may have missed. We love polaroid pictures, they’re timeless and so much fun.


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An alternative option to wedding photographs and video is using a GoPro – everybody now-a-days has a GoPro or something similar that captures fisheye, landscape images. You can either borrow one or buy one cheap and assign someone the duty of recording and capturing stills of your big day. This way, you have two in one. The GoPro is essentially great as it is a lifestyle, adventure camera and you can buy packs for specific occasions from the store.

If you are looking for a professional photographer but struggle to pay the prices they are asking for then why not get a friend of a friend (who either wants to be a photographer or who just does it as a hobby) to take your wedding pictures, or if you have a couple of friends who’s son or daughter studies at University – this is a great opportunity for them to be able to gain some experience and it cuts your costs dramatically.


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So there you have it, a few ideas that you can use for your big day and cut down the cost of a professional photographer. We’re not suggesting that you don’t use a professional photographer, because they are great and the quality of their images are incredible – definitely worth the money if you can splash out, or fit it in to your budget but just in case you are looking for alternatives or methods to use alongside your photographer then try out some of these!

Share your photographs with us, we always want to feature real weddings!

By Lauren Sutherland.

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