Ultimate Last Minute Checklist

Are you stressing that you might have forgotten something? Is your big day just around the corner and you don’t know what you should be doing to prepare for it fully? Or in the worst cases have you left everything to the last minute? (Let’s hope this isn’t the case.)

Not to panic, here at Emporella we have come up with a checklist so you can have a stress free, relaxing last week before married life, because that’s when the real stress begins.

So here goes…

Check In With All Your Vendors

Ring round everyone, check that all your venues have the correct address, directions, time etc. Take note of their numbers and give them yours or give them the number of someone you trust so you don’t have to deal with any issues on your wedding day. Finally, make sure you check that all payments have been made and you have the receipts from all vendors.

Create Tip Envelopes

Are you planning to tip your florist, the waiters/waitresses, the caterers or anyone you think made extra effort towards your day? Instead of having to carry around lots of extra unnecessary money around, why not create a handful of tip envelopes just in case you need them.


Pack For Your Honeymoon

This is all getting so exciting now! Everything is ready and the day is fast approaching and I am sure you are just as excited for your honeymoon. So why not spend some time the week before packing for it and holiday shopping so there is no rushing around straight after your wedding.


Check Over Your Music Playlist

Make a list of all your favourite songs for dinner and dancing so that you can hear all of your favourite songs throughout your special day. Also it’s not a bad idea to make a list of all the song you really do NOT want to hear, nothing worse than having to dance to something you can not stand. Remember, these don’t have to be set lists of what to play when, but they give your DJ some guidance about what you love and what you don’t.


Create a Wedding Day Photography Plan 

Give your photographer a list of people that you and your groom want to have photos with and also people you want to be photographed together, so you have plenty of snaps of your special day and everyone that was there. You only get one shot with your wedding images so make sure he gets all the ones you want, that includes groom and guest reactions to the day, food, decor, cake, first dance and more. Make it count!


Pack a Big-Day Emergency Kit 

Keep yourself feeling and looking beautiful throughout your whole wedding day by preparing an Emergency kit. Include things like paracetamol, tissues, mini deodorant, perfume, mints, hair pins, plasters, lipstick, face powder and of course flat shoes. Nobody wants sore feet on their wedding day!

Break In Your Wedding Shoes

Remember to try on your wedding shoes on various surfaces and for long periods of time, as you may have thought they were comfortable in the shop, but when you are stood in them all day they might turn out to not be as great as you first thought.


Get Your Dress

This one is the most obvious, yet the most exciting, well in the brides eyes it’s very exciting! Make sure you have scheduled your final dress fitting so any last minute alterations can be made and then it will be all ready to take home with you!

Put Everything In One Safe Place

Put everything, like your earrings, veil, necklace, shoes, dress etc. in one safe place, so when you wake up on the morning of your wedding you know exactly where everything is.  Why not have a dress rehearsal with your bridesmaids where you can all try on your dresses and accessories to make sure everything is perfect!

Get Plenty Of Sleep, Food And Water

We aren’t just talking about the reception, as we hope you already have that sorted! But who is feeding you in the morning/before the ceremony? Why not preorder some breakfast in the hotel, organise a takeaway with your bridesmaids the night before or have a picnic with some fun, healthy snacks. Make sure you have water to hand at all times and try to avoid alcohol the day before. I know it’s tempting but no-one wants a hungover bride!

Treat Yourself!

Treat and pamper yourself! You deserve it after all this wedding planning! Have a spa day and make sure to get your nails done. Your hands are probably going to be photographed a lot as you are an engaged lady, and on your wedding day, it is really going to be the last day people try to capture your ring with a camera lens. Get a great long-lasting manicure and pedicure in a shade that compliments your whole day.


Wrap Any Gifts

If you have planned gifts for your wedding party, then why not make them extra special and spend a bit of time the week before your wedding wrapping them. Wrap them in something pretty that compliments your theme or colour scheme of your wedding. You might also want to organise gifts for both the mums, which could be a bouquet of flowers, these can be handed out alongside the bridesmaid gifts during speeches.



At Emporella we love making sure that every bride gets their perfect day with as little stress as possible. Why not check out our other blog posts where we have shared our top tips for every bride and groom.

Let us know in the comments below of anything you think should be added to this ultimate last minute wedding checklist.

By Mackenzie Brook

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