10 DIY Guestbook Ideas

When it comes to guestbooks, we know that some of them can be quite costly. You can pay to get personalised books and you can also invest in some unique ones, that will suit your theme perfectly. What if you could customise your own guestbook, so that it is a perfect fit, it suits your wedding and is completely personal to you and your partner.

Doing it yourself is so much fun! There are so many arts and crafts suppliers out there that you can use and this way, you are able to cater to your own requirements (perfect for the awkward bride – we’re all a bit picky sometimes!) There are lots of many fun examples out there, with various themes and designs to inspire you – it should be fairly easy! We’re here to help you create the perfect guestbook, so you can keep it forever and look back on your magical day.

1 – The Wishing Tree/Family Tree.

The Wishing Tree is a great example of how to customise your guestbook, creating an alternative, more interactive piece for your guests. This is such a personalised, emotional way to remember your wedding day and all of the important people involved. This type of guestbook is something that can be framed and kept for years to come.

The idea is that you either draw or print out a stencil of a massive tree, which represents the branches and connections to your new family. A couple of ideas are: introduce stick on love hearts (with people’s names on and a cute, personal message) or provide a selection of coloured paints (to suit your colour scheme) and have your guests leave their fingerprints and name underneath. We LOVE this, we think it’s super cute and looks so effective – it’s a great way for your guests to interact with your big day, leaving a part of them behind forever in your heart and memories.

It’s a simple DIY, with a lot of the leg work done for you. All you have to do is choose which material you want your tree to be printed on, whether it be card, wood or canvas, which colours your guests use and and how you display it. The perfect guestbook! Ideal for a rustic wedding or for a couple who love the outdoorsy theme, but it signifying something so special such as your new family. tree1.jpg

Image saved from ILoveFarmWeddings.com via Pinterest.

2- Polaroid Guestbook

The infamous polaroid guestbook. If you’re a visual couple and you love seeing how happy your wedding day has made your family, friends and most importantly yourselves – why not try a pop-up photo booth with your polaroid, so your guests can instantly stick their selfies in and write a cute message for the newly weds! Or, have your guests snap shots of you both and them together and ask them to write their favourite part of the day down.

You can use all kinds of coloured pens to make it fun and vibrant, gel pens, sharpies – anything you can think of! It’s like a school project where you can just stick and write, super personal, crafty and homemade. This is another way you can look back over all the memories you made on that special day and all of the wonderful things your family and guests said about their experience.


Image taken from MyWedding via Pinterest

3 – Large Chalkboard

Chalkboards are super easy to DIY, just buy a large photo frame or use one that you have laying around the house, buy some material that you can place inside and paint with chalkboard paint, invest in some white pens from your local craft shop and you’re all set!

The idea behind the chalk board is that it’s super easy for people to just scribble a little message on and it be more interesting than just a white piece of paper. With it being in a frame, you can always display it proudly in your house and be reminded of your wedding day every time you walk past it.


Image from The Garter Girl via Pinterest.

4 – Pebbles

This idea is super easy and simply lovely. All you need to do is buy a bunch of pebbles from your nearest hardware store, along with a bunch of permanent markers from your nearest stationary store and you are set!

You can place all the pebbles in a wicker basket (or one that is lying around the house), then the guests can write down a lovely little message on each pebble, reminding you of your special day. The pebbles could be used to create a lovely garden feature or in a vase as an indoor decoration.


5 – Postcard washing line

This idea can look really fun and once filled will add an extra decoration to the Wedding! Materials needed are simply, some string, your preference of either plain or colourful pegs, and of course the writing material (paper/postcards/pens).

It’s a simple idea to set up, whether it be outdoor or indoor! Allow the guests to write a postcard message and hang up on the line. Once filled up, it could make a lovely and memorable backdrop for picture time!


6 – Bunting Guestbook

Similar to the washing line idea above, you could create a bunting guestbook. The fun thing about this idea is that it can be in any form you like and any size! Whether it be a hanging bunting line or in bunting board form, each guest could sign one triangle and pass it on to the next guest.

Either way you do it, it is a simple DIY activity and you don’t need too many materials, just leisure time, a few sheets of paper and a board. Get cracking on the triangular cutting and you are half way there! Or if you desire a simpler option, just buy a bunting line and hang it up, it’s added decoration and even better once personalised with guests messages.


7 – Game Boards

This could be an added activity for your guests if you love board games. You could use puzzle pieces or boards from monopoly, snakes and ladders, etc. Place the boards on a table, free for your guests to sign onto a little puzzle piece or the front (or back) of the game.

After that, each time you play monopoly or make a puzzle, you will be reminded of your special day and the sweet messages left by your guests. The puzzle pieces, especially, could be used to create a lovely frame to be hung up around the home.


8 – A Wooden Bench

This is a really quaint idea for any themed wedding and is a life-lasting ‘guestbook’. All you need to do is buy a bench fitting to your wedding, whether it be a country theme, rustic or winter wonderland, you can personalise it or paint the bench to fit your theme.

Provide a few permanent markers and let the guests leave a little message for you to sit on later! The bench can become an indoor decor item or for in your garden – be sure to keep up with maintenance though. In case the paint and writings come off, just paint a layer of furniture primer over it.


9 – Video Messages

A more modern and original idea, adding to your wedding video, you will need any sort of tech that can record your guests leaving a bunch of messages and videos. If you have a tablet, you can download an app that provides filters, making your guests videos more fun and silly.

A very easy idea, you just let the guests record their video message and enjoy later on! Why not host a movie night with your closest friends and family to preview the video messages. This creates a lovely atmosphere within the wedding.


10 – Message In A Bottle

Perfect for a nautical themed wedding, or to add a rustic touch, this idea is small and neat, adding suspense to your guestbook. Provide empty wine bottles (or any bottles of your preference), small paper notes and some pens to allow your guests to leave a lovely little message.

Rolled up and locked in, to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, crack open the bottle and read all the messages left by your guests. Or, if you can live with the suspense, leave the bottles as they are and decorate your home with them!


Image from MODwedding via Pinterest

We love all these DIY Guestbook ideas, but we would love to hear what you guys think in the comments below!


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