Bridesmaid Checklist

As a bridesmaid, you have a very important duty to please the bride at all times and take a load off her shoulders, during the whole planning period, till finally the big day. Be prepared, once the bride announces the engagement you should have already been saving as it may not be a cheap ride but a great honor, to support the bride through all events leading up to the wedding!


This includes planning the ultimate hen party, giving the bride her last night of absolute freedom till she becomes a Mrs. Along with a fabulous bridal shower, attending all bridal fittings and appointments concerning the wedding, some of which you would not want to miss out on, like cake-tasting! Do not forget the obvious duties of helping out with any wedding accessories, DIY activities and invitation packing.

To help you out with the main duties, here is a simple checklist you can use to keep to the running order of things:

The Bridesmaids checklist (1)

Pre-wedding duties are the most important as you are planning towards the bride and grooms big day! Although it is all very exciting, there is a lot to do and it’s your job to make sure it all get’s done, if the bride forgets something, you have to be on top of it! For example, don’t forget to pack the confetti or the wedding nights lingerie. Be on the lookout for gown ideas that you know the bride would love and make time to be present at all dress fittings after that. Once the perfect dress has been found, know that if the bride needs to get into shape, then so do you! You are her rock through this time and cannot let her down, even if it means waking up at 6AM to meet for a morning jog!


Next job is to plan the bridal shower and the hen party! Both events are a great excuse to pamper yourselves and have a good time together. The bridal shower is normally more relaxed than the hen do, a few nice ideas include a day at the horse races, afternoon tea, a luncheon or brunch. The hen party will definitely consist of quite a bit of alcohol and possibly a weekend away. Make sure that all celebrations and activities are centered around the bride, after all it is for her big day. All this may be a bit stressful but you must keep your cool, you cannot panic because if you do then so will the bride, and we don’t want that.


As the big day approaches, be on hand for any last minute jobs, like DIY accessories, decorations or any other bits and bobs needed. Of course it is very important to not forget the gift! As a bridesmaid, you should know exactly what to buy that will please the happy couple so this should not be a difficult task. Finally on the big day, after a big sigh of relief and all has gone smoothly. After the bride, especially, and groom are happy and married, expect to do last minute jobs like bouquet holding, bathroom breaks and guest mingling, but most of all, enjoy yourself!


Be sure to check out other posts on Emporellas blog for DIY ideas and feel free to leave any comments.


By Kelsey Hardy

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