Table Decoration Trends 2017

Many of you couples reading there are probably in debates as to what to decorate your table with. There are so many options out there, that you can never really decide. Once you have decided on a colour scheme for your wedding things should start getting a little easier…you can use various wedding sites to source inspiration but we have the latest and hottest wedding table trends – you’re so welcome!

Whether you’re a vintage bride, a boho bride, and classic bride of an all out glamorous bride, we have a little something for everyone. They can all be styled and presented however you choose, with whatever colours you like and you could get as thirsty and hands on as you want to.

Let’s start of by saying that these have probably been trends before and will come back around again at a later date, however, they can be reused because they’re super cute, super stylish and scream classy wedding!



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First up we have church candles. Now, I know that candles may seem like a given at a wedding, they’re romantic and they completely transform a room. They can stand tall in the centre of your table, can look clean and natural. Try using various sizes to really emphasise you table adding depth. Another variation could be changing the colour of the candles or making your own for a personal touch, write a lovely message, quote or just the bride and groom’s initials to add something special.

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Secondly, mason jars. These are a MUST! They’re literally everywhere. Mason jars are so on trend and have been for the past couple of years but you can literally style them in any way possible. From fresh flowers to fairy lights, floating candles to photographs of the happy couple – the list is really endless. The fun thing about mason jars as a centrepiece is that they look stylish, clean and organised whilst maintaining that fun element. Get some DIY happening by painting the jars, adding glitter or twine or your favourite washy tape and make them unique.

Visit: Temple Square for mason jar inspiration!


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Next up we have one big vase (as old fashioned or as modern as you desire) in your chosen colour scheme with a massive bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers. This makes a lovely centrepiece, your guests will compliment it immediately. The simplicity of this centrepiece is perfect for the more simple bride, the clean cut look works perfectly and leaves lots of room for other decorative features such as foliage or wedding favours. Why not try to paint your centrepiece with chalkboard paint and have your guests write little messages on for you and the groom – what a sentimental keepsake!

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We have noticed that coloured vases, glasses, jars and other decorative ornaments are very on trend this wedding season. Contrasting colours, bright and vibrant really make an impact. If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, try gold or blush or rose gold – all very fashionable and popular for weddings in 2017. The arrangement of various sizes again, is most effective and creates something with a little more definition. The majority of table presentations we’ve seen tend to use artificial flowers inside the smaller vases just to add a little bit of colour and brightness to their wedding – a nice way to add interest and incorporate your wedding theme/colours.


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Natural is in this wedding season, meaning that the extravagance of centrepieces has disappeared. Tables are becoming more rustic and under dressed but still creating a massive impact! A small amount of foliage running along your table runner can do just about as much as all the other trends, incorporate a few bright flowers and your table is set.

So there you have it, the latest and greatest wedding table centrepiece trends for 2017. There are many variations to choose from and you can decorate and adjust them all to suit your own personal style. Let us know if you have tried any of these trends or if you recently got married and decided to style any of these on your big day – we love hearing from you!

By Lauren Sutherland

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