Organising The Ultimate Stag Do

Booze, partying and falling over are definitely 3 components to the majority of stag do’s, but with more and more couples adding personal, unique touches to their wedding, why should the stag do be any different? As the Best Man you have been given the ultimate challenge to organise the best stag for the grooms last night of freedom! The lives of the groom and all his friends and family are in your hands, so whats the plan?

Apart from the speech, planning the stag do is a very stressful time so we have some ideas and inspiration to help you get started.

Boozy Stags!

Alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol! Everyone loves getting boozy on a stag do, so why not drink with a twist. Everyone always goes straight for your standard bar crawl in fancy dress, pub golf or a trip to the Races, so why not mix things up a bit.

A Beer Bike is a great way to drink, see the sights and even exercise all at the same time. You will entertain all the people you cycle past and its a guaranteed fun day out. Similarly, you could hire a Party bus or a boat and have a boat party. Obviously the boat idea is only good if the weather is nice, but both very easy ideas to get your day of to a great start! Finally, a Brewery Tour is a great way to start off your day of drinking, you can see how your beer is made and get free tasters to get you ready for a wonderful day of booze.

Staying In Is The New Going Out!

Food and Drink Evenings

So many great options for staying in especially when it revolves around food and drink. To start off with why not grab a takeaway, choose your favourite; Pizza, Indian, Chinese and more. Or if the sun is shining a BBQ and a Pint. The weather in UK is not always the best but even if it does rain just take the party indoors and put the food in the oven, get the tunes on and sit back and have fun with a pint and a burger. You could even be a little more adventurous, grab a sombrero and have a Mexican night. How about fajitas, tacos and load nachos? Oooh and don’t forget about the tequila.

Game Nights

Games nights are great way to get everyone involved, it can sometimes me difficult to get things going when its two different families and many friends all coming together in one room, so why not have a games night. Here are some game ideas that we love:

Stag Quiz – This one is simple, a pub quiz style game all about the groom, or all about the bride and groom, a great way to get people laughing and talking. The winner should definitely get a prize!

Murder Mystery party – Where the whole gang gets involved in revealing the culprit, just like a real life game of Cluedo. Murder mystery parties are becoming more and more popular. You can hire a company to stage an entire production out of your home or do it yourself, where you and your guests play all the roles. The more time and money you put into your party planning, the better your results will be.


“Who am I?” –  Get your guests to write down their name and a funny memory about the groom. Someone then reads them aloud and the groom must guess who wrote it and for every wrong answer, a shot!

Be Adventurous!

Don’t be boring and take yourself, the groom and all guests out of their comfort zones and have an adventure filled day. There are so many options from indoor activities to outdoor if the sun decides to make an appearance. Outdoor activities can range from; Paint Balling, Go-Karting, Quad Bikes, Bubble Football, Segway Tours to more extreme things like White Water rafting, Gorge Scrambling and Zip Wiring. However if the weather isn’t working in your favour why not go for some indoor activities; work as a team to get out of the Escape Rooms, even make it into a competition and see what team can get out the quickest. Or go to a trampoline park, there is a great one in Wales situated in a cave, yes a cave!

Finally you could all give indoor skydiving a go, or why not the real thing and jump out of a plane?

Fun Packed Weekends Away!

If you have a little more money to spend, why not drag the stag do over a whole weekend! Even get on a plane and explore a different country. There are many options for going abroad for a stag do. Like skiing in the French Alps or a trip to Amsterdam, Berlin, Benidorm, Ibiza or Budapest or go all out and splash the cash in Las Vegas. However, that could end very badly.

On the other hand a weekend away in the UK can be just as messy. Head to somewhere like Liverpool, Newcastle or Dublin for a weekend full of drinking. Go to Brighton for the food festival or to play some glow in the dark crazy golf. But if you are into a quieter stag make a trip to the Lake District and soak up the sun in one of the most scenic places in the UK.

At Emporella we love all these Stag Party ideas, even the more adventurous ones. Are there any that you particularly love and are thinking of using? Lets us know in the comments below. Or tell us any ideas you have that we haven’t mentioned, we love to hear from you all.


By Mackenzie Brook




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