Wedding Flower Trends 2017

Are you someone who feels completely overwhelmed with wedding planning and seek advice and help from someone who makes the whole process a little easier? Look no further! Emporella are providing you with the latest flower trends, so you can discover which flowers will suit your chosen theme, your personality and your wedding style.

Flowers make everything appear pretty, girly and finished. They add the final touches that make a wedding special. The majority of people who choose to have flowers at their wedding don’t really ask their florist about the history of them, the culture, the meaning behind them – they just decide on a colour and pick the ones that fit.


We love that their meanings exist, maybe your fiancé bought you peonies on your first date or you received some sunflowers from your partner when you were feeling down and they hold a special place in your heart. These type of meanings are what make wedding flowers unique. See if any of these flower trends suit you as a couple, as they are all so hot right now – you’ll be able to get your hands on them easily! Don’t forget, visit your local florist and support the independent suppliers, you could easily sort out a deal, make new friends and keep your costs down. Win win!

The first trend we have Dahlias. These flowers are truly gorgeous, and rightfully at the top of our list! We’ve seen them make a huge comeback and are dominating the spring and autumn wedding season. From vibrant colours: wine and burgundy to the pastel peaches and cream, Dahlias make great bouquet fillers and stand boldly against the green foliage that surrounds them. Originating from Mexico, this flower posesses a beautiful meaning by signifying dignity and elegance. This flower symbolises commitment and the bond that is unbreakable, lasting forever, just like marriage.

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Secondly, hot on the heels of Dahlias are: Peonies. It’s not hard to see why these flowers are so popular as they are really beautiful and romantic. The latest colour trends seem to include blush, peach, cream, and gold which suit Peonies beautifully. The vibrant selection of these flowers are makes them so desirable to brides, as they can really stand strong against a gorgeous ivory dress (plus they might be our favourites!) Native to Asia, Europe and Western America – these are perfect for a wedding day bringing the meanings of prosperity and romance and the symbolic omen for good fortune and happy marriage. It’s no wonder we’re seeing them introduced more and more!

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Another of our hottest trends: Heirloom flowers – also known as antique flowers are back and they’re back in style! From Chrysanthemums to Carnations these old-fashioned flowers work perfectly with the vintage/boho bride. The colours are very uncommon and are in high demand due to short supply, so if you’re looking for this particular style for your big day I would get in touch with a florist immediately. The old meanings behind these flowers are what make hem so special for example, Carnations, in various colours all contain different symbolic meanings: red = deep love and white = purity and luck. Looking in to meanings, and origins of flowers and their colours is what makes these antique flowers extremely popular in 2017.

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Finally, we have garden roses – a classic connotation to traditional romance. Intwined within a bouquet packed with vibrant floral features, garden roses stand strong and beautiful. With a wide range of gorgeous colours and equally stunning meanings, we know that it’s hard to decide which to include. Depending on your wedding colour scheme, we recommend red, white, pink or lavender as great choices. Their meanings range from: deep love, admiration and joy, purity and lastly “love at first sight”. Originating at least 35 million years ago from Mediterranean countries, the rose is a sure bet and is bound to have a great impact to your bouquet, table decor or groom’s buttonhole and may contain secret, special meanings for the happy couple.

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Greenery, provided by Pantone as colour of the year 2017, has seen weddings packed full of green goodness from: garlands to wreaths to table decor and bouquet details. This is definitely something to look out for this wedding season and incorporate in to your big day.

The style surrounding this is very rustic, outdoorsy, thrown together but stylish. The look for weddings is very vintage but chic and floral arrangements are made to look rustic, homegrown and picked straight from the garden. You could always try DIY, just make sure your flowers are fresh and long-lasting and arrange them a couple of days before your special day in order to keep them looking and vibrant and in bloom as possible.

Have fun with all of these trends, choose which one you feel is right for you and your day or even mix and match! The opportunities are endless with flowers so be creative and unique.

We hope you find this useful and try some of these trends on your big day. Let us know on our social media which ones you are loving!


By Lauren Sutherland.

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