15 Top Tips On How To Budget For Your Wedding

Are you struggling for ways on how to save for your wedding? Do you need some top tips on cutting costs on your big day. We have 15 ways to save money for your special day in style…

1. Get Cashback

Take out a credit card with cashback to use for your wedding purchases. Some banks offer up to 5% and those wedding bills will soon mount up.  Also, don’t pay everything at once. Ask if you can pay in instalments, which will really help with that all-important cashflow.

2. The Number of Guests

This will probably have the largest impact on your wedding day spendings as you will have to take into account space, food, invitations maybe even drinks for each individual. Just remember that your wedding day is a special one and should be shared with your closest family and friends.


3. The Timing of Your Wedding

Why not have an out-of-season wedding? As when its wedding season all wedding-related items are the most in-demand, meaning the most expensive. Also, Saturday weddings are the most popular, so venues etc will sell out fast and be a lot more pricey.

4. Ditch the Three Tier Masterpiece

You can save money by not having a cake, plus the majority of the time you spend so much money on a massive cake and nobody ends up eating it, so why not go for cupcakes? That way everyone can take a cupcake home this could also double up as your wedding favours.


5. The Bar

Alcohol. Everyones favourite thing. It is one of the largest expenses at a wedding, but this can be avoided. You can save so much money by not having an open bar, maybe have an open bar up until a certain amount is spent, or for only an hour. You could just do welcome drinks and a glass of prosecco per guest for speeches.


6. Save on the Hen/Stag party

Hen and Stag parties can drain your bank account; from nights out to weekends away, the price really does increase. So why not have a stay at home hen/stag do. Staying in is the new going out, check out our blog post ‘Hen Parties: Going Out vs Staying In’

7. The Food

You don’t need a 3 course sit down meal. Cut costs by having a buffet, this could be a cold buffet as hot food does add on some extra pennies. Or even be a little different and order in pizzas from the local takeaway, everybody LOVES pizza.


8. Wedding DIY

DIY is the clear choice when it comes to budgeting for your wedding. There are hundreds of blog posts out there with instructions on how to create anything from your Table and Guest Names, Wedding Decor, wedding favours, and Table Centrepieces, so why not check out a few of our early posts explaining a few of these things. Also another great idea, why not ditch the printing costs and RSVP cards and email your invitations.


Wedding DIy

9. Do your own Make-up

It’s tradition for the bride to have her make-up and hair done professionally but doing your own make-up is the way forward. Doing it yourself will help you to perfect your look first time round and it will cut your cost dramatically! Why not take a look at this blog post to give you some help when doing your own make-up, DIY: Bridal Make-up.

10. Ditch the Photographer 

A way to reduce the costs could be to hire a professional to take photos straight after the ceremony, but get disposable cameras for the reception. It’s also helpful to shop around for the best value photographer. Also, why not create your own photo-booth? Its fun and easy to do! You can get cheap and fun Photo Booth props off eBay or even make them yourself.

11. Skip the Groomsman and Bridesmaid’s Gifts

Instead of buying gifts they may not even want, why not write them a special note to say “thank you for being their on your special day”. If your friends know that you’re trying to cut back on costs on your wedding, they will understand. Or instead why not ask them to take home a table decoration or floral arrangement at the end of the night?


Check out our blog post on DIY Wedding Favours to help save you a few extra pennies.

12. Save on Flowers

Flowers can be quite costly depending on what you want. Sticking to your budge when it comes to flowers is important as when you start looking its very easy to get carried away. The florist will help you with decisions if you inform them of your budget prior to your visit. Also why not go for local, independent businesses as you may be able to negotiate to best prices if you are local. Why not consider some of the following:

The Flower Shop  Yorkshire

Lavender Green  London

Cherry Blossom Scotland

Walnut and Willow   Wales (South UK)

Check out our guide on choosing your Wedding Flowers.

13. The Honeymoon

For those of you looking for something a bit different or if you’re on a tight budget, having a honeymoon in the UK is a great idea, check out our other blog post on our top three luxury UK honeymoon destinations to consider.


14. No Extras

Don’t fuss around with all the unnecessary extras. Don’t provide bread rolls with your starter – your guests will only fill up on carbs and end up wasting the food you have paid for. Use wedding cake as a dessert this will save lots of money that can be spent else where. 

15. And Don’t Forget STAY ON BUDGET!!


By Mackenzie Brook

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