Wedding week Do’s & Don’ts

For some, the week before your wedding can be a stressful and nerve-racking time, but by following these few dos & don’ts we hope to make the week a slight bit easier.


Dress- Make sure you have everything there and ready, and that everything is perfect! The dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, any accessories, shoes, the suit for the groom, tie, corsages, rings, lingerie ect… Also, give your dress one last try but make sure your groom doesn’t see.


Pampering- Take the time for yourself to relax and get your body fully ready, this may include getting your nails done, eyebrows waxed, perhaps a facial, legs waxed or shaved, allow yourself to feel the best possible you. Take this time to spend with your partner, enjoy and get excited for the big day. Also, fill up on sleep, people often forget how important sleep really is.


Packing– Don’t let packing cause you stress and pack little and often throughout the week, you may just need to pack an overnight bag for the night of the wedding however if you are more or less going straight on your honeymoon you will need to pack for that too. Keeping organised with time to spare is key for staying sane at this busy time.


Checklist- Go over your wedding checklist making sure that you have not missed anything out and that everything is ready and paid for. Follow up on any unresponded RSPV’s to let the caterer and venue know the number of people expected. Provide the DJ or band with a list of song requests for the reception. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that everything is sorted, ready and every box is ticked.


Dress the venue- Now for the final touches, decorating the venue how you like it, making it perfect for your wedding day. Collect and put out the flowers and centrepieces, table names and so on. Perhaps take this time to rehearse if you are not having a wedding rehearsal dinner. Go through timings, the order of the walk down the aisle and inform the speakers or their timing and orders.



Change weight– You may think that the week before the wedding is the time when you need to have one last push to loose weight and look the best possible you, maybe to cleanse or increase workouts. This is not the case. It can also work the other way round, with all the wedding planning stress, it may be causing excess eating, or with all of your friends and family arriving and celebrations taking place you could be eating and drinking a little more than usual.  By changing weight when the dress has been made to fit you perfectly, it can cause unwanted drama so close to the day, where the dress doesn’t fit and can’t be altered in time.


Hair- A Bride should absolutely get her hair done on the week of the wedding but with the usual hairdresser, and how you normally get it done, experimenting on the week before the wedding can be very risky, the colour or cut my not turn out how you expected and it may not be able to be fixed in time. Therefore to avoid hair disasters stick with what you know look good on you, remember you’ll have to look at the pictures forever. As for the hair style make sure to fit in a trail appointment not just to avoid stress but to make sure you look beautiful.


Products- Even though pampering and taking good care of your body and skin is a wedding week do, try to avoid experimenting with new products especially if you have reacted to certain products before, imagine coming out in a rash the day before your wedding. Also if you are thinking of using different makeup make sure to trial the makeup at least a week before, make sure that it is durable, the perfect colour for your complexion, and works well with your skin type, for example, if your skin is oily, a matte foundation will work best. But we suggest that you stick with what you know works for you. Also if you are thinking of fake tanning, don’t go too far as it can take time to wear off.



Alcohol- Nobody wants to be hungover on their wedding day, avoid heavy drinking the night before and the week before, save the bubbly for your wedding! These Do’s & Don’ts are important but not as important as just having fun! We really hope this advice helps you prepare and sit back a week before the wedding For dramatic examples of these wedding week do’s & don’ts, we recommend you give Bride Wars a watch for some pre-wedding fun.


By Josie Mumby

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