DIY: Bridal Make-up

It’s tradition for the bride to have her make-up and hair done professionally but what if we showed you that doing your own make-up is the way forward? Doing it yourself will help you to perfect your look first time round and it will cut your cost dramatically!

If you’re confident with make-up and are just browsing for some inspiration or if you’re completely new to this and would love to practice up to your big day then carry on reading for our top five make-up trends, easy and affordable – and gorgeous!!

1 – Pink Eyes 

If you haven’t been living under a rock for four years, you will already know that pink (and all of it’s shades) has become increasingly popular this spring/summer. The new wedding trend has proven to be pink eyeshadow. Not only is it natural and pretty, but it’s also very simple to achieve and very flirty. The boldness or subtleness is completely under your digression and you can be as playful with it as you want, why not add some glitter for that glamorous touch? or just stick with a matte blush pink and go for that low key pretty pink. It’s so simple to pick up a gorgeous pink palette from your local drugstore and test it out on your bridal party before. You can also ask your bridesmaid to  do your make-up for your big day, that way it’s something you can both do together making it fun and interactive and very cost efficient. If you’re struggling for inspiration and would like a tutorial, check out PixiWoo  on YouTube who have done countless natural bridal looks.




2 – Natural Brown

In keeping with the natural beauty theme which is seemingly popular, brown is a colour that you need to have in your palette. It’s a gorgeous, easy yet effective look – especially for someone who has blue or green eyes as it really makes them pop. Use your eyeshadow and line under your eyes for another exaggeration, really making your eye make-up beautiful and bold. Try and stick to matte colours as they tend to look cleaner and more natural and also adding fake lashes or creating a strong, black cat-eye really stands out from the brown shades making it more dramatic. If you’re an alternative bride and are wearing a specific colour then why not try and accent your under eye with that colour, adding something different to your brown eyes. All of these brown shades you can pick up from your local drugstore, some cosmetics we recommend are: Urban Decay, Make-up Forever and Make-up Revolution.



A step by step guide to create a simple brown matte eye: Pinterest 


3 – Bright Lips

The classic nude lip has been reinvented and replaced by the bold, vibrant lip – berry tones, barbie pink and poppy red are making a comeback. We’ve seen a lot of brides recently who have mellowed their eye make-up down and gone for the statement lip. This is a great alternative and compliments the more natural brides, the simple ivory dresses and also brides of a paler skin tone. If you’re going for a berry or red shade then we recommend you buying matte shades as they’re more likely to smudge and create a mess whereas pink tones are more natural looking and are less likely to look messy. If you’re feeling adventurous why not try a shimmer on top or a lipgloss with added colour in order to really make your make-up stand out. The fun part about bold lips is that you can experiment with colours, test them out beforehand for a fraction of a price and re-use the colour once your wedding day is over but be reminded of the fun times you had and have that lasting memory.



Here’s a guide to a selection of berry lip tones and how to apply: Pinterest 


4 – Fresh, Natural Face

Most Brides think that their face needs to be absolutely flawless for their big day, showing no imperfections, blemishes or dark circles. Although none of us want that, there are many foundations that you can use out there that will make your face appear absolutely flaw free but still give you that warm, natural glow. The new trend is to have a blank canvas, with just a small amount of warm pink toned blush and shimmer highlight for that fresh look. It’s been said that the contouring and the baking with the full-coverage skin is out and the natural look is back, which excites us a lot as we’re all for the natural bridal beauty! This trend pairs perfectly with either the bold eye or statement lip, as the glowing skin really highlights the features you want. Creating a natural base is easy and there are so many affordable high street products for you to try out, or you may have already found the perfect everyday foundation and wear it religiously – why not save money and wear it for your special day? There’s nothing wrong with DIY and especially natural looking make-up which is super simple to create.



5 – Statement Brows

If you haven’t got brows like Cara Delevingne then now is your chance! Bold, statement brows are in. It’s a common trend that women are now filling in their eyebrows on a daily basis, making them bolder and bigger than ever! For 2017/18 weddings, we have predicted big brows. Luckily for the DIY bride, these are pretty simple to create and require hardly any effort. If you already have full eyebrows then this won’t be much of a challenge you’ll just need to perfect the shape and the arch of your brow whilst still keeping it quite natural looking, complimenting the natural beauty theme. There are so many options for you to choose from, eyebrow gel, pencils, putty, crayons – the list is endless so find the one that works best for you and the one that you feel comfortable using. It is ALWAYS essential to get a colour that look natural and matches your hair colour as you don’t want your brows to look weird on your big day so get someone to assist you in searching for the correct colour. Then you’re on your way to creating a face full of perfect DIY bridal make-up, with the latest trends as your inspiration.




Here’s a guide to shaping your brows perfectly: Pinterest 


Don’t forget that when you do your own make-up, it’s really up to you how you present yourself and what you deem as suitable. You have that freedom and that playful ability to express yourself through your make-up. DIY is the future! So get creative, get playful, be bold and brave and don’t forget that you are a beautiful bride!

We’d love to hear from you blushing brides to see what trend you like best or if you have tried any of these and worn them on your big day so let us know!

By Lauren Sutherland.

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