DIY Bridal Hair Trends 2017

As you brides know, appearance is essential for your big day – you want to look perfect for your groom and show him just how much of a beautiful bride you are. Some may say that getting a professional to do your hair, make-up, styling etc is so much easier and less time consuming.

We know that your local independent wedding suppliers are a great choice and should definitely be confided in, however, if you’re on a strict budget that doesn’t allow for these luxuries then why not do it yourself?

It’s a great way to develop a new skill, try something different and learn but also saves you a lot of money. You could get one of your bridesmaids to help you out, which is a great way to incorporate them further in to your big day by rocking their superb hair styling skills!


We have five of our favourite hair style trends to share with you, all simple and easy to try but super effective for your big day. Choose the one that feels right for you and that would look good with your hair colour, length and style and get DIY’ing!

Number 1 – The Loose Beach Waves.


This hair style is timeless, it is soft and romantic and looks gorgeous paired with a flower crown or a tiara – perfect for that boho bride. It can be created easily, and there are many techniques you can apply whilst doing this. You can use your hair straighteners or curlers to create tight curls, spray with hairspray and let them drop naturally before you get fully ready to strut down the isle or, you can blow dry your curls in naturally the night before and add a few products to make sure the curls stay in place (sea salt spray is ideal for creating that perfect beach wave). You could also try french braiding or normal three-plaiting your hair wet and sleeping with them in, this creates a curl or a crimp which can be styled the next day. The options are endless, you can try out all of the techniques and see which you feel comfortable with and wear it in your day to day life, in preparation for your wedding day!

Number 2 – The Low Pony

The low pony is such a gorgeous way to keep your hair out of your face whilst still maintaining that neat and slick look. This chic hair style is super easy to create and can be accented with a few hair accessories to create a more glamorous, fun hair style. All you need for this look is a bobble or hair tie of some sort, comb your your straight back, making sure you either leave some hair to frame your face or none to make it look more slick and celebrity like and then tie it off just above the start of your neck. This look is gorgeous and perfect for a summer wedding, getting all of your hair away from your face but making sure you look as beautiful as ever. Add a veil to this look to highlight your hair from the back so everyone notices your lovely DIY hair!

Number 3 –  Boho Braids

Now-a-days you see everyone rocking the braids, whether it be fishtail, french or just a standard braid it has become a popular trend. Whether they’re loose braids or tight, they can be worn with confidence and pride. You can find many tutorials on YouTube on how to french or fishtail braid, or you can even get a friend to help you out. Just wear it to one side and rock some floral accents for that boho feel or wear it to the back, tight and sleek with a gorgeous tiara or veil for that clean look. The diversity of the braid is what makes it so unique and super cool – a winner in our books!

Number 4 – The Braid Up-do

Why not try something completely out of your comfort zone and get practising your braiding for a sleek and stylish low bun or milkmaid look. Both are super cute and can look so fashionable. The low bun is our favourite, combining the classic bun and the fun braid keeping the hair style interesting with that sophisticated bridal look. Simply pull your hair straight back and tie it off, as messy or as tight as you desire, then start to braid. You can do any style of braid you feel comfortable with or are able to do, don’t forget there are lots of tutorials out there and Emporella will have some DIYs coming very soon too! Them to clip your bun in to place, fashion the hair in a bun like shape and secure with either a hair tie or some bobby pins for a cleaner look. Perfect!

Number 5 – The Twisted Low Up-Do

This sounds more complicated than it is, it’s really simple once you practice it a couple of times, also this works well for brides with shorter hair but can also be tackled with longer hair. All you need to do is gather your hair tightly above your neck so it’s in a low pony position and tie off, grab the ends of your hair and pull them over so that the tip of your hair is against the back of your head, fan out to create volume and bobby pin in to place as you go. You can also style this with a headband or hair piece of some sort as it will add that extra flare to your look. This is a classic hair style that can be worn by any style of bride and will look elegant and gorgeous for your big day.

All of these hair styles are very popular for summer weddings, but can be worn through any season as they are all so on trend for 2017. The looks are super easy and simple to create and can be prepared quickly on the morning of your wedding so that’s one thing less for you to worry about – plus you’re saving money which is always a bonus!

We hope you have enjoyed these looks and think about trying some out for your wedding day, bridal party or even if you’re attending a wedding and would love the inspiration. Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!

By Lauren Sutherland.


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