Cake Trends 2017

When most people think of weddings or any form of celebration for that matter – cake always springs to mind. Everyone loves cake, let’s be honest!

There are lots of flavours to choose from and a variety of styles as well. We’re going to share the hottest and latest wedding cake trends with you so you can stay up to date and source inspiration for your big day!

1 – The Naked Cake


The naked cake has become increasingly popular and it’s not hard to see why! This gorgeous three tiered cake packed full of raisins, wild berries and floral accents is perfect for any rustic wedding. It stands beautifully, showing off it’s layers and it’s gorgeous golden bake. Sprinkled lightly with icing sugar and decorated with vibrant forest fruits this bare cake appears busy whilst keeping that simple design. We highly recommend this styles as you have the freedom to decorate and style your own cake however you please, perfect for DIY also. Get creative!

2 – Dripping Cake


How luxurious does this cake look? WOW! This style of cake, perfectly covered with the drip accent really works, you can also combine the two and have a semi-naked cake (like the one above) with the drip feature. The addition of fresh floral and foliage transforms the cake completely to make it elegant and fresh. This style has been in high demand due to the simplicity but beautifully finished look. The drip style can also be a different flavour and/or colour than your cake, making the cake more exciting.

3 – The Ombre Effect 


The subtle ombre icing on this cake is stunning – although you can be as extreme as you want with it. The white to orange/peach really adds something different to this cake, taking it away from the all white cake (which is the next trend). Paired with the orange roses and deep green foliage this cake has transformed in to a statement cake, standing simply and beautifully. The choices with ombre are endless and the brightness is under your control so if you have a wide selection of colours in your theme, you can incorporate them in to your cake bringing your whole wedding together.

4 – White Wedding(cake) 


The classic all white wedding cake is back, and it’s better than ever! You may like to be a bit more creative with the colour/style of your cake but neutral is back – it’s like a blank canvas for your own decorative features. We love the white against the lavender and green, it really adds personality to what can be perceived as a ‘boring’ cake. The great thing about having a white wedding cake is that it fits perfectly with any theme, any colour and any style. It’s simple, easy but very effective and we are loving this trend!

5 – Marbled and Marvellous 


Oh, this is stunning. The marble cake has probably become the most desirable cake on the market. The pattern and colour effect is simply stunning, with the subtle addition of white flowers which takes nothing away from the show-stopping cake. The addition of the gold throughout compliments the vibrant blue perfectly, a great marriage! If you’re unsure of what shade you would like to add to your wedding palette, then the marble cake is perfect for that as it showcases an array of colours from pastel to bright and again can be dresses with subtle flowers, foliage, jewels or even icing designs.

6 – Ruffled and ready


This ruffle icing is perfect for the more extravagant, flamboyant wedding. It can add instant value to your cake making it appear so much more expensive than it actually is! The ruffles help the cake to look more feminine and pretty but there are other different icing techniques for you to choose from if this doesn’t take your fancy. The texture also makes the cake stand out against the rest, making sure that your guests won’t forget it!

They are our favourite trends for wedding cakes in 2017 and the following years. All of these cakes are beautiful in their own way and will create a massive impact at your wedding.

Try and stick to neutral colours; pink, white, gold, grey, cream, as these can all be adapted on and will work beautifully alongside any other colour scheme you have.

Let us know in the comments if you have had or are thinking of trying any of these styles on your big day! We are always interested in real weddings so get in contact to be featured!

By Lauren Sutherland.

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