Top Honeymoon Destinations Part 2

As many of you might have already seen, we have a blog post discussing our favourite Honeymoon destinations, however, we thought that because the first trip as a married couple should be so special – we would share with you some more perfect destinations!

Now, we know that you both have spent a fair amount of money already on your wedding day but why not just splurge out that little bit more and continue your festivities! After all, you only get married once!


Our first special destination for you to feast your eyes on is Maui. Now, Hawaii is a popular Honeymoon destination already but Maui, an island in the Central Pacific, is rich with culture, history, sun and sea. It’s the perfect getaway. With over 30 miles of beaches, the coastline drive to Hana and the Halaekala National Park you both have plenty of land to explore! The best time to visit the island is April-May and September-Novemeber, perfect for wedding season!

Our hotel pick goes to Montage Kapalua Bay – what a stunning resort.

lake tahoe

Secondly, we have Lake Tahoe. Located in Sierra Nevada Mountains, surrounded by the beautiful lake, sandy shores and rocky mountain scape, it’s diversity will win your hearts. You can travel out to Nevada or California if you fancied a couple of days out – as the lake straddles the border of both. There are lots of activities you can get stuck in to such as water sports, helicopter tours and you can also try your hand at gambling in one of Nevada’s casinos. What a perfect secluded break with the city’s bustling life within reach.

Our hotel pick goes to Aston Lakeland Village beach and mountain resort – a gorgeously situated and highly rated resort.


Next up, we moving to Europe! Santorini is one of the beautiful Cyclades islands located southeast of Greece’s mainland. This volcanic island has lots of history, surrounded by mountains and gorgeous shores, this island is definitely one to look for! There are many activities you can get stuck in to on the island such as hiking, boat tours, visiting a winery and scuba diving – you’ll have plenty to get stuck in to. The old towns are so romantic and intimate, perfect for your honeymoon.

Our hotel pick goes to Hotel 28 – an intimate, small but luxurious hotel.


Another of our favourite spots in Europe has to be Venice – the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region. Built on more than 100 small islands, this romantic destination will prove itself as soon as you start to explore. Venice (in my personal opinion) is an adorable place, with lots of locals wanting to help you, close and intimate bars and restaurants all with local delicacies. You can get a water taxi, or a gondola and explore further and take leisurely strolls at night and watch the moon glistening along the canals.

Our hotel pick goes to Ca’ Pisani Hotel – A 4star vintage hotel with that modern charm.


Finally, our fifth and final honeymoon destination is one for the couples who aren’t too fussy about beaches and want to be in the hustle and bustle of the city – Budapest. The capital of Hungary is absolutely unforgettable as there is so much to explore; Buda and Pest, the Danube river, historic monuments and of course the Szechenyi Spa. You can take the trains and undergrounds practically everywhere and get your backpacks on and your maps out and go explore! Perfect for the couple that loves rich culture and cheap beers.

Our hotel pick goes to Aria Hotel Budapest  – a stylish and modern hotel offering a luxurious romantic stay.

So there you have it, a second part to our top honeymoon destinations. There are some alternative and different suggestions for you to browse through. Europe and America shouldn’t be forgotten about, as they are very diverse and beautiful, designed for the more adventurous couples especially! Enjoy!

Let us know if you have been to any of these destinations.


By Lauren Sutherland.

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