Choosing the perfect wedding music

Your wedding music may be a factor that you have thought about all your life or it may be something that you have put straight to the back of your mind. For some, they have dreamed of dancing to that one special song since the age of 6. But others may not have a clue on where to even start with their wedding music, this is where we are here to help! Not just with a song for the first dance but for the walk down the isle, songs to get ready to, and music for the reception too.

First Dance


Choosing the perfect song for your first dance is way more significant than you might think, it introduces you as husband & wife to your friends and family also from years to come, when you hear that song, you will be taken back to that beautiful moment on your special day.  So, how do we choose the right song? I hear you ask… There are lots of methods to consider;

Sentiment: Selecting a song that has significance to you as a couple, for example, a song that was playing on your first date or when you got engaged, a song that has a story behind it for the two of you. Or perhaps a song that your parents or grandparents danced to. This will surely bring about floods of happy tears.

Individuality: Try to avoid hugely popular songs, choose a song that fits and describes you as a couple, and when others hear the song they will immediately think of you and your wonderful day.

Impulse: How about choosing the first song that comes into your head, go with your gut instinct and a song you have always loved. The first song that comes into my head is, Robbie Williams- Angels, but I may have to rethink that one.

Shortlist: Write down the contenders onto little pieces of paper, put them into a hat and pull out your winning song! And if you change your mind, you can alway pick again until you are 100% pleased.

Your own song: Have you considered either recording the song for your first dance or maybe writing a song? This isn’t for everybody but it can make the moment that even more special.

Mix it up: One of our favourite trends of 2017 is doing a first dance mash-up, can’t decide on one song, have a few! You could start slow and speed it up. Throw in some dance classics too for a first dance to remember, this also always family and friends to join too!

Walk down the Isle


Are you going to pick your own song to walk down the aisle to or are you are going to stick with the traditional song ‘Here comes the bride’? If you are going to sway away from ‘here comes the bride’ then pick a song that means a lot to you and makes you happy, or go for a song that reminds your other half of you. There’s also the question of whether or not to have a band or solo instrument such as a harp or piano playing the song or just playing the recorded version.

Wedding Reception


The wedding reception music is really the key to whether the guests have a good time or not, it can really make or break the night, no pressure! There are lots of options to consider when deciding on the reception music, are you going to have a DJ, a Band, Play the music of yourself or have karaoke?

Band: Having a band can bring such an amazing atmosphere to a wedding, in my opinion, you can’t beat live music, but booking a band can be risky, will everyone enjoy them, will they play songs that you love, will they fit in well with the wedding, and how much will they cost?

DJ: If you want to go with the safe option, have a DJ at your wedding reception, as you can give them a genre and some examples, lets face it they know what they’re doing, they also take requests for the best party ever!

Karaoke: Karaoke is definitely a contender it’s hilarious, entertaining and a guaranteed good time. It’s also a way for the whole wedding party to get involved, however, there is always that one person that takes over the microphone thinking their Elvis or someone!

DIY: To save money and ensure that all of your favourite tunes are played, creating your own playlist is a great idea. On music platforms like Spotify have any song you could possibly want playing at your wedding with hundreds of playlists already made to play off your laptop that is plugged into the speaker. Guest can then add and switch songs on the night easily! However, this may add extra wedding stress on the run up to the wedding.

Little extra tips

  • Include songs to dance along to, such as Gangnam Style and Macarena, to get everyone up out of their seats and onto the dancefloor!
  • Take song requests from wedding guests
  • Set up a dance off in the middle of the dance floor to let everyone show off their best dance moves.



By Josie Mumby

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