Hen Parties: Going Out vs Staying In

Planning a wedding can be expensive without even factoring the reality of a hen party and a honeymoon! So, does this mean that you are planning a hen night on a budget, trying to save as much as possible for the wedding or honeymoon, this could be where staying in for your hen night comes out on top. This blog could help you decide on your hen night activities! Staying in is no way as boring as it sounds when you have these yummy and hilarious activities, and of course your bridal party, to keep you occupied. Here we have gathered some fun ideas for the best hen night you could wish for! We hope this blog gives you an idea for your hen party where staying is a winner!

Food & Drink night

  • Takeaway: Choose your favourite; Indian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish?
  • Wine and cheese: What makes the perfect cheese board? Cheese at room temperature, with five different categories on cheese; soft, fresh, blue, hard, and flavour. Alongside, crackers, bread, celery, grapes, pickle or chutney and dried fruit.
  • Cocktail making: Look at our blog post on signature cocktails for cocktail recipes and inspiration, Emporella loves Pornstar Martinis- Passionfruit Puree, Vanilla Vodka, Passoa & Vanilla syrup.
  • BBQ: Britain loves a good BBQ, however, a BBQ is weather dependent. So, I’m no chef so here is a link to the hottest BBQ trends from Mr Jamie Oliver www.jamieoliver.com.
  • Mexican & Tequila: Grab a sombrero you’re off to Mexico! How about fajitas, tacos, loaded nachos,  quesadillas or burritos. Whichever you choose, just don’t forget the tequila!
  • Afternoon tea: the ultimate afternoon tea includes a mix of sandwiches, a selection of cakes, scones with butter, jam and cream. And of course and beautiful pot of tea! Here’s Twinnings advice on how to throw the perfect afternoon tea party www.twinings.co.uk.
  • Chocolate, popcorn & sweets: Or consider treating yourself and your girls to a movie night or campfire with some of your favourite sweet treats. roast marshmallows on the fire or have a popcorn fight watching a chick flick.

Game night

Our favourite idea for an amazing game night is a Murder Mystery party! Where the whole gang gets involved in revealing the culprit, just like a real life game of Cluedo. For the full effect and the most fun, each member should fully commit to their character with outfits, props and possibly even accents. There are hundreds of different murder mystery templates online, we recommend Free Murder Mystery Party Plan by

Spa day

  • Facials: Take time away from the stress of wedding planning and relax with friends, family and facials, either buy face masks or make them at home. Woman’s day have amazing recipes for lots of different types of masks for different results at www.womansday.com.
  • Manicures: A manicure station at any spa party is a must.
  • Makeovers: Blindfolded makeovers are always hilarious, let your hair down and have a laugh looking whilst looking like a clown.
  • Hairstyling: do you dare let your hens loose on your hair? Similarly to the makeovers, the results can be hilarious.
  • Glamping: How about taking the spa day outdoors, maybe set up or hire a gazebo with different stations for your perfect girly day.


By Josie Mumby


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