Boho Wedding Inspiration

When we hear the word Bohemian we immediately picture feathers, flowers, and a carefree atmosphere. Leading to the definition of the word bohemian, in the terms of an individual, being a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts and is usually very creative. Here’s a little bit of history of Bohemianism, The term emerged in France in the early nineteenth century when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent, lower class, Romani neighbourhood. In the 1850s, aesthetic bohemians began to arrive in the United States, from Europe. In New York City in 1857, a group of some 15–20 young, cultured journalists flourished as self-described “bohemians”.

The Bohemian Style

The Boho chic style is seen to be, floaty, flowy, patterned, floral, colorful and individual, also, can be seen as the gypsy style. It is truly beautiful, the boho style does rely heavily on the clothing but also the partnership with jewelry, hair, and makeup. The Boho style jewelry, hair & makeup can be used to compliment the dress in a boho wedding. take a look below.

Boho Jewelry 

Boho Hair & Makeup 

Boho Wedding Dresses

Now onto the part that you came for. Boho Weddings! The Boho theme is becoming more and more popular possibly because the theme gives off a relaxed, fresh and full of love atmosphere. Where Brides and grooms can be themselves, at one with the world, and even allowing them to go barefoot! Boho grants the couple to express themselves fully, connect deeper and indulge in romance and affection. Or maybe the boho theme is popular due to the beautiful boho wedding dresses. The dresses are light, wispy, delicate and detailed.

Boho Beach, Barn & Woodland

The Boho theme fits perfectly with a beach wedding, with the sea breeze, sunset, and passion, it will compliment the calm, natural feeling of a boho wedding perfectly. A Boho wedding in a barn is beautiful when it is filled with flowers, fairly lights and loved ones. Also, a wedding in a woodland can be very intimate and stunning. A perfect compliment for a boho bride.


Boho Decor

How about having a go at making some of these decorations yourself and channel your inner, creative, boho side. Glitter feathers, dream catchers, and bunting are easy and fun to make. Also, flowers and fairy light in jars, simple and effective. Have you spotted the running theme throughout the images in this blog? Floral Crowns! Flowers in the hair is a must for a boho wedding! It really helps complete the look and the theme. Adding to the dreamy and whimsical feeling. We love this Boho inspiration here at Emporella and we hope you do too!

For more inspiration we love UK Wedding blog and directionary- who look specifically at boho weddings and life!

By Josie Mumby

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