Hen-Do Fancy Dress Ideas

It’s commonly known that hen parties are typically designed for the bride to have one last taste of freedom with her bridal party (and usually involving a lot of alcohol) before entering her new life with her beloved.

If you’re the bridesmaid and you’re stuck for ideas as to what to organise for the hen party then keep reading as we have picked five of our favourite costume and accompanying activity ideas to share with you.


Number 1: Disney Princesses.

Now we know that this theme has probably been recreated a lot but disney brings out new princesses all the time, so you have a selection to choose from! You could all dress up as characters that the bridal party have chosen due to that individuals personality and be creative with it. There’s the old-school princesses: Cinderella, Snow White or Ariel but you can chose from the recent princesses too: Moana, Merida or Anna. This fancy dress idea is fun and inexpensive but also great for getting the bridal party together to do hair and make-up whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly!



Activity: Have a royal ball, create your own tea party spread and put lots of disney soundtracks on and have a karaoke night in!  Get baking and create your own micky mouse cupcakes here: Lil Luna

Number 2: Moulin Rouge

Now, this may not be suited to every bridal party but if you’re looking for something sexy but with a bit of class then this is perfect. It’s easily achieved and you can have fun with accessories such as feather boas and top hats! Each girl could chose a different colour and the bride can be the ring leader, creating the perfect girl gang anybody would be jealous of.



Activity: For something different you could try taking lessons doing burlesque dancing or pole dancing for the bride to surprise the groom with or you could hire out a fancy cocktail bar and create your own photo shoot.

Number 3: Cow Girls 

Step in to the wild wild west with this cow girl costume idea. There are many variations of the cow girl outfit so you can be as subtle or as daring as you like. You can research western films for inspiration or just watch ‘Toy Story 3’ and dress like Jessie (who does’t love her?) This theme is a great way to get the bridal party up and dancing to western classics or having a showdown with one another! For added fun by a horse costume and a blow up man doll and you’re good to go! Giddy up!



Activity: Popcorn and movie night is always a great option. Alternatively, you could hit the bars and country dance until the early morning. Another fun idea would be to all go horse riding or visit a farm.

Number 4: Army Chics

The army look is totally epic! Dress up in camouflage and grab yourself some war paint, you’re almost ready to battle. You don’t have to stick to the traditional green either, add some colour to make it fun and girl. For an alternative look, you could try the retro military wife look (which would be a perfect theme for a bride marrying a man in the services). Personalise T-shirts or dog tags (you can make them naughty) for the hen party and salute to the bride as you send her off on her own adventure.



Activity: For something fun and rough around the edges why not tackle an obstacle course or paint balling. This would look great in your army get-up. Another idea would be to create your own treasure hunt, so that the bridal party gets down and dirty trying to find their prize.

Number 5: Animals

This is a great theme for anyone on a budget as you can easily create an animal costume from your wardrobe and buy face paint to complete the look. This would be a great DIY for the bridal party to get involved in as you could create ears or tails to wear on your night out. There are lots of animals you could choose from: cats, dogs, bunny rabbits, ladybirds, tigers, foxes, unicorns (I am aware they are mythical, don’t judge me!) – the list is endless. Get creative!



Activity: Realistically, you’d only do one thing dressed as animals…go to the Zoo! An opportunity not to be missed. Chester Zoo is great as it has a wide selection of animals and you can even get your face painted for free…bonus! You could always chose to go away for a long weekend to a campsite such as Centre Parcs and go out dressed up too.

If you have been to or are organising a hen party then please share your fancy dress ideas with us and tell us what activity you’re planning as we’re always interested! Get socialising with other brides and help spread the wedding festivity.

By Lauren Sutherland.


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