What happens in a wedding dress consultation

Here at Emporella we pride ourselves on being quality bridal consultants, where we either assists the bride to plan specific details of a wedding or simply help them find the perfect dress for their special day! A bit like ‘Say yes to the dress’.  Every appointment is different, but the general flow is the same, and goes as followed…


Stage 1: The introduction

The Bride and the Bridal party are welcomed, made comfortable and then drinks are ordered. Even if it’s 11am, a glass of bubbly is acceptable, as they say, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.  The consultant then gets to know the bride and wedding style. Noting details such as, venue, date, theme, the style of dress the bride is looking for and whether they have tried on dresses before. The consultant then explains the different dresses and designers that they hold in store and recommend the dresses that they believe the bride will love.

Fact: A Wedding dress takes 5-8 months to order new!

Stage 2: Trying on

This is the fun bit! The bride and the bridal party get to choose a selection of dresses for the bride to to try on, we recommend mainly going for the style the bride loves and then throwing a wild card into the bunch. Because, why not? Playing dress up is fun at the best of times but when it’s for your wedding dress expect tonnes of laughter and enjoyment. The bride may be lucky and find the dress straight away, or they may have to trek through dresses that are either just ok, or horrific until they find the one. A bit like finding your husband right?


Step 3: Accessorise

So now that the bride has found her favourite dress, it’s now time to make it look even more special and personal to suit them and their wedding, with accessories. Perhaps adding sparkle through a belt, headband or comb, or completing the look with a veil.  At this stage the consultant will also discuss any potential changes and possibilities that could be made to the dress. For example the colour of the dress. The bride will the decide whether she needs to sleep on it and have one more try on, therefore will re-book an appoitment in store to re-try  the dress, or whether she wants to go forward with ordering the dress.

Stage 4: The One

When the bride says yes to the dress, and there was tears and emotions, the next step is to place the order and to make final decisions. This is when the bride will be measured to get the perfect size, and tell the consultant if they are planning on changing size on the run up to the wedding. The consultant will take the bride through the buying process, making sure to clarify the following points to be able to order the perfect dress:

  • Deposit and prices
  • Timings
  • Possible Alterations
  • Sizes
  • Colour
  • Any added features


Stage 5: Celebration 

Pop that champagne! You’ve found the gown!  Now its time for the dress makers to put in the hard work to make your dream dress come true!

By Josie Mumby

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