Summer Wedding Inspo

As we all know, summer is fast approaching and for many that means one thing… weddings! Whether you’ve recently got engaged or you’re close to getting married but still need those finishing touches, we have the latest trends for you to browse through. From flowers, to dress styles, to table decorations – we have it all!

If you’re looking to have a wedding outside or would just love to have it in the hot months then keep reading this post as we have some of the best themes and inspiration for you.

First up, colour schemes. Currently blush and copper/gold are the favoured colours for this summer. You could combine both colours or just have one as an accent against maybe foliage green (which is also a popular colour for the summer!)

You can find lots of inspiration and useful colour charts on Pinterest, like the one below if you’ve decided on a final colour scheme.


We find that anything natural is booming for the summer seasons: pastel colours, pale greys, pink, blue, green and yellow. In saying this, if you’re having an outdoor wedding with a lot of green scenery, you could have a mixture of your favourites to make a massive impact to your backdrop. In regards to table decorations, the simpler the better. It’s always been said that less is more so try not to crowd your table – just a few simple candles and floral wraps and you’re all set to go!


We found this from The Wedding Of My Dreams – a very helpful website for all things wedding but you can also take a look at the hottest wedding colours suggested by ‘The Knot’ here: Colour combinations.

Next on our list is catering and more importantly the cake. Many people are opting for the naked cake design, with fresh cream and strawberries to garnish. The plain coloured cake (especially white) is super popular for summer decorated with a couple of fresh flowers and foliage for that natural feel. Many people are also choosing to serve cupcakes for a selection so that their guests can enjoy lots of different flavours ranging from Red Velvet to Chocolate Oreo to basic Vanilla and buttercream.

One of our friends from Wildflower Bakery specialised in bespoke cake making (images above) for any occasion. They are custom made and have a great selection of flavours and styles to suit your chosen theme. If you’re getting married this summer and would love a cake made by this wonderful independent company then click here: Wildflower Bakery.

Many people have hired catering trucks for their wedding to supply ice-cream or burgers  for their catering in the hotter months. We think that this is mainly to create the impression of a massive summer garden party with all the finer things in life: alcohol, ice-cream and BBQ styled van food. Who wouldn’t want a truck with free ice-cream at their reception? Everything you will need to know about truck food vans right here: The Knot.

When it comes to alcohol, it’s a given that every wedding day should have a wine or cocktail bar! It’s difficult catering for everybody so supplying a little bit of everything will guarantee a win. However, we’ve seen that frozen cocktails or smoothies have become increasingly popular throughout the summer. Fresh fruit mixed with alcohol has blossomed as a  summer wedding trend. It sees that everyone is surprisingly refreshed and the fact that the alcohol will always be served cold will impress your guests…we all know there’s nothing worse than a warm beer!


Our top picks for a summer drink would be a watermelon alcoholic smoothie or moijtos. You can not go wrong with either of these. If these don’t take your fancy you could chose from these top 7 summer cocktails from ‘Brides‘.

The important topic here is the dress. Summer dress trends seem to be focused on a few of features: Full-length 3D floral detail, open back, plunge neck-line, sheer panels and off-the-shoulder. These dresses all make a statement, standing out from the crowd which is what every bride wants for their special day. Off-white and Ivory are the most popular colours this season but also making an appearance is light blues and peaches with heavy floral detail.

Hitched  have all the latest wedding dress trends for 2017 featuring pictures to help you get a good idea of what you could potentially choose. Say YES to the DRESS!

Alternatively, for the bride that dares to be different: try a two piece (they’re coming back in fashion I’m telling you!) or a shorter tea-length dress for something unique for your summer wedding. The Bridal Emporium stock lots of vintage numbers that are bang on trend this season so come and take a look!

Our favourite dresses come from Eliza Jane Howell as she specialises in unique heavily embellished gowns that are completely gorgeous. She has a variety of dress colours, lengths, accessories all perfect for the summer weddings!

Coming soon:  Emporella will be creating a Youtube channel to bring you the latest wedding news direct from our face to yours…it will be like we’re having a personal conversation. Our video on trends for 2017 will be posted soon so that we can include anything that we’ve missed.

Let us know what trends you’re loving or would have at your wedding and if we’ve missed any good ones that need sharing!


By Lauren Sutherland.



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