DIY: Table & Guest Names

Want to make your wedding extra special? Then you need to think of all the little details like table names. Personalised table names are always a winner with guests, cater the names to suit you and your partner’s interests and personality. This blog will give you great ideas for table names that are unique. Alongside name tags that are easy to make and look incredible.

Table Names Ideas:

  • Places you’ve been
  • Places you want to go
  • Your favourite cities
  • The Landmarks within your favourite City or Country
  • The places within your favourite film.


  • Your favourite films
  • The characters from your favourite film
  • Different Disney characters
  • Famous Hollywood stars
  • Favourite Bands and Musicians


  • Significant dates
  • Significant names
  • Favourite animals
  • Favourite food or drinks
  • Favourite words or quotes


DIY Name Cards

Write by hand the guests names or print off onto card, attach these to a cocktail stick and push them into a Ferrero Rocher, or a sweet of your choice.


Cover the cards in glitter surrounding the table or persons name, this DIY project may get a little bit messy but it’s we all love a little bit of glitter!


Wrap the persons or the tables name, with string, around the neck of a bottle. Spirits, wine, champagne, full or empty, it’s up to you. They can also be attached to wine or champagne flutes with sting or little wooden pegs.


For rustic, boho or barn weddings these small pine-cone table names are perfect, just slip their name into the pine-cone. Simple and easy. Pine-cones available at

Or for summer, beach wedding uses shells and tie to the name with a tiny ribbon. Shells available at Buy the sea.



By Josie Mumby

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