Fun Honeymoon Activities

To start your marriage as you mean to go on, together, fun and exiting! These must do honeymoon activities will help you create memories that you will treasure forever and bring you closer as a couple. Both lively, romantic and memorable.


By exercise we mean exploring! Perhaps by going go on a hike, or explore the country or city on a bike ride. Taking in the scenery and culture and spending time with your other half at the same time as working off the wedding cake.  Also we recommend giving yoga or meditation a try, to bring you and your partner closer.



Ease off the last of the wedding stress with some well deserved relaxation. How about couples massages, or taking a soak in natural, hot lagoons. Honeymoons are all about unwinding and taking a break from reality for a little while.



Explore the countries wildlife in their natural habitats. Meet monkeys, ride on camels or elephants and swim with the sea creatures. These are once in a lifetime experiences to share with your significant other.



If you are an adrenaline junkie then these honeymoon are activities are a must for you. Cliff jumping, Zip lining and helicopter rides are just a few great ideas.



Creating a scrapbook is a great way to relive the honeymoon and remember the special moments forever. Take a Polaroid camera to print out the pictures immediately with a time, date and place. Under-water cameras are key! Also collect keepsakes and souvenirs throughout your honeymoon. Or consider video, document your honeymoon and re-watch to take yourself back to paradise.

Take a look at the amazing website for cameras, scrapbooks and accessories.



If you are alcohol lovers, how about taking part in a cocktail class, where you get to create your own signature cocktails or spend some time wine tasting and have fun getting drunk!


Try Something new

Honeymoons can be a time to do something you never have before as a couple, such as try new food that the country has to offer, spend a night gambling in a casino and head back at sunrise. Release sky lanterns into the night to celebrate your love, even personalise them with your name or initials. Available at



Watersport’s speak for themselves, such good fun and an amazing idea to do on your honeymoon!


By Josie Mumby

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