Vintage Wedding Inspiration

The definition of Vintage is denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. And of course you have heard of the famous poem; Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver sixpence for your shoe. Whether you go True Vintage or just Vintage style, it’s a beautiful theme for your wedding!

True Vintage

True Vintage is clothing which was produced from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day which can also be named antique clothing. Vintage Wedding dresses are special, bespoke and carry a story behind them. Just imagine a dress made around 80 years ago, by hand, worn by a beautiful bride all that time ago, picture the love that dress held, the memories it shared and the happy marriage it created.  Perhaps it will do the same for you. A true vintage dress could be your something old, or something borrowed. The dresses below appear on Mill Crest Vintage with many more vintage gems.

Vintage Style 

Having a Vintage themed wedding doesn’t necessarily mean having an actual vintage dress, vintage styled wedding dresses are just as charming and special. Weather it’s classic, royal, traditional, polka-dots, lace, sleeved, 1920’s glam, playful or tea-length, Vintage is beautiful.


Tea-length dresses are one of our favourite styles, perfect for dancing, and perfect for the ultimate vintage look. Complement the dress with a classic up do hairstyle  and a pair of diamond earrings. Divine.




If your a fan of the old school Hollywood and Great Gatsby then this style is perfect for you, from the sequins to the beads, gloves, feathers and diamonds. The 1920s style oozes romance and glamour. Eliza Jane Howell is one of our favorites when it comes to the 20’s style.



The Polka-dot craze started in 1930s America where we were first introduced the Polka-dot wearing Minnie Mouse, continuing to the 50’s where we saw the iconic Marilyn Monroe in her Polka-dot bikini. The Polka-dot is famous and would complete the vintage look perfectly on your wedding day. Embody the dots in the dress itself, or the veil, the bridesmaid dresses, accessories or the decorations.


Lace Wedding dresses give off a more traditional vintage feel, the intricate detail of the lace on these vintage style wedding dresses are breath taking, perfect for a classical vintage style wedding.


Perfect Vintage Wedding

The perfect vintage wedding takes more than just the perfect dress, it needs to be complemented with vintage flowers, hair & make-up, venue, decorations, accessories and transport. We have gathered some beautiful vintage inspiration for your wedding day. Oh and make sure to get something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue in there!


By Josie Mumby

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