Top 10 DIY Wedding Favours

When it comes to wedding favours, the easier to sort out – the better! It’s something that you shouldn’t have to prioritise and can figure out last minute.

We know how difficult it is to come up with unique, quirky ideas for your wedding so that your guests are surprised by your favours. Don’t panic! We’ve sourced our top 10 wedding favour ideas just for you so that you can customise them for your special day.

1 – Cute Cookies

Sweet treats are always a no-brainer…who doesn’t love cookies? These are perfect as they’re super easy and inexpensive to make, you can customise the name and design and add lots of edible elements to make them your own! We’ve found these gorgeous love heart shaped cookie with simple lettering. You can give them individually or as a trio for your guests to take home and be reminded of those special memories.



If you’re struggling to find a simple cookie recipe then here’s one for you: BBC Good Food

2 –  Creative Confetti

Confetti is always adorable to look at, especially in your wedding pictures. You can create your own sachets, customise a quotation like this one: “let it rain confetti” and pack it full of various colours, shapes and even add glitter for a luxurious feel! These are a great way to keep everyone entertained and involved in your special day – plus they’re a real money saver.


Oh Lovely Day  includes a step by step guide!

3 –  Light them up 

Candles are super simple to make and can be a great addition to any household. Your guests will be able to light the candle and be reminded of your wedding for weeks! You can customise the jar, add your favourite scents and an added extra: your guests can reuse the jar afterwards – two gifts in one! If you want to you could even pair it with a bar of soap, scented the same to create the perfect night-in duo.


Here’s how you make your very own personalised candle: Live Simply

4 – Tea-rific Tea 

Homemade organic tea would be a sweet little favour to give to your guests and you can get creative with your flavours and packaging. I guarantee that everyone at your wedding will love to put their feet up after a hard day back at work the following Monday and enjoy a cup of your tea (made with love, of course).


For a DIY guide click here: Something turquoise

5 – Flash Photography

Even though this isn’t a full DIY as such, disposable cameras are a lovely wedding favour as then the guests get to have their own account of the day through their eyes. You can create customised tags or props to accompany the camera for that DIY element. We love this idea as it gets everybody involved and they have lots of memories to develop and keep forever.


The Brave Life have a great DIY guide

6 – Mixing it up

A CD with you wedding playlist on could be such a unique gift for your guests. They can take it anywhere with them and be reminded of how much they got up and danced after having a bit too much wine. You can add a personalised thank you message at the end for them too which would make a lovely touch. Simple and inexpensive with a massive impact.


7 – Chocoholic

I know we’ve already mentioned cookies but chocolate wins the heart of everybody. These are also great if you have children at your wedding as it keeps them quiet and happy for a little while. Purchase your favourite chocolate brand and get creative – you can even test them along the way, win win! Customise packaging for your chocolates and hand them out, we guarantee they’ll be a hit.


Vicky Barone writes a detailed DIY.

8 – Jamtastic 

Who doesn’t love a bit of jam with their morning toast? You can make various flavours for your guests to choose from and even attach a little ‘how to’ so your guests can recreate your jam recipe. A simple wedding favour for you brides that love being in the kitchen or just want to try your hand at something new.


How to make raspberry jam > The Idea Room

9 – Jar Of Happiness

Why not give your guests a jar full of your favourite life quotes, inspiration for their day or happy facts in order to make them smile. We think this is a seriously cute gift for anyone to make them feel a little happier. They can take a quote out every day and when they’re done, they can pass it on to keep the merriment going!


Inspirational quotes > Pinterest

10 – Sip-Sip Hooray!

If your having a bar that has a drink limit then this favour would be perfect to give your guests. You can buy cheap bottles of champagne or wine and customise them to suit your wedding. You can make them look as pretty as possible so that they appear more expensive than they were! Simple and easy but definitely worth it as your guests can toast to you whenever they please.



BONUS 11 – Forever Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles are such a fun wedding favour, most adults don’t like to admit it but they’re children at heart and love playing with all things kid related! Supplying bubbles for an outdoor wedding will keep children entertained for hours and gets everyone up and about, chasing them to see who pops them first. We personally love this DIY as it’s super easy but creates a fun environment for your guests.


Inspiration taken from a real life wedding – their wedding looked like it was packed full of fun and laughter: DIY Carnival Wedding

Well, that’s our top 10 DIY wedding favour projects, with one added extra for you to get stuck in to. We hope that we have provided you with some great ideas and inspired you to get creative. Emporella’s market place (COMING SOON) will have lots and lots of British suppliers for you to buy from in order to create the perfect DIY wedding favour!

Let us know below which favour you liked best or if you have tried any of these Pinterest inspired DIYs.

By Lauren Sutherland.

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