2017 Bridal Makeup Trends

Make up may not be on the top of your list when it comes to your wedding day but it shouldn’t be forgotten about and left until the morning of the wedding. In this blog are some beautiful make up trends to inspire you for your big day. Trends that are simple, easy and beautiful that you and your bridal could give ago today!

Beach Look

Sun kissed, natural and glowing. A new makeup trend in 2017 that is becoming more and more popular is adding freckles whether you have them or not, giving a more natural look and creating the sun-kissed effect. Perfect for a beach wedding or a wedding in the sunshine. Also a key to this look is highlighter, lots and lots of highlighter! This creates the glow effect. And of course, top it of with a natural tan to complete the look. We recommend KIKO highlighter and Topshop freckle pencil.





This look is classic and simple, and red lip and wing eyeliner. Possibly 2017’s biggest wedding make up trend. Beautiful and easy!Perfect for a vintage themed wedding. To add a little bit extra to this look use a slight touch of blush for an English rose effect. Emporella loves  No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Love Red!


Whether it be a statement lip or a strong smokey eye. This look is powerful and dramatic. This look is not for everybody, and needs to be executed with artist flare and precision. With focus on everything from eyebrows, to eyelashes, to contour and highlight. For the perfect smokey eye Emporella recommend Urban Decay Naked palettes and for contour the amazing Anastasia kit!


Colour is a big trend in 2017, especially for summer/spring weddings. This exciting look can be vibrant to pastel, blended or just a statement pop. Complement the colours with your flowers or perhaps the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Dare to go bright then these products are perfect for you. Morphe brushes eye shadow palette and NYX eyeliners!


Thought glitter was only for festivals, well think again! A little splash of glitter will help you sparkle on your wedding day. Add a little or a lot on your eyelids, lips or cheek bones. Finishing off your fairy-tale wedding! We love Sin city- Crushed diamond palette.



By Josie Mumby

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