Guide: Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of anyone’s wedding day: whether they’re for extravagant table centrepieces or the bride’s bouquet – everyone wants that perfect arrangement. Emporella have put together a simple guide to help you when choosing your wedding flowers.


Helping independent, local businesses is what we’re all about so here are a handful of our favourite florists that you should consider to assist you on your big day:

The Flower Shop  Yorkshire

Lavender Green  London

Cherry Blossom Scotland

Walnut and Willow   Wales (South UK)

First thing to consider is a budget. This is essential as flowers can be quite costly depending on the quantity you want. Sticking to your budget allows you to prioritise what you must have at your wedding and helps you to not get carried away with extras. The florist will help you with decisions if your inform them of your requirements and budget prior to your visit.

When you have your budget figured out and fixed in place the next thing you should consider is the colour scheme for your wedding. Try and come up with a few colours that will compliment each other and your theme just to add a bit of variety. It is helpful to source inspiration before going to see the florist so on the day you can play around with some ideas and try different shapes, sizes, colours within your arrangement. This will allow you to adapt and change what you have envisioned in order to find the perfect flowers. The floral arrangement you chose should compliment your theme for example: gypsophelia, peonies and carnations definitely suit vintage-styled weddings more than gerberas which would work better for classic, contemporary weddings. Learn your flower types here.

Next on the list is your wedding dress – you must consider how your arrangement will look with your style of dress. It’s commonly known that the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet but it’s totally down to personal preference.

Here’s a bouquet shape guide to help you decide:


The colour and style of your dress should influence your floral choices, as simple straight-cut white dresses would look better with a smaller, single flower bouquet or a bunch of greenery to enhance the dresses simplicity. Coloured dresses or ball-gown styled dresses would suit a bigger rounded bouquet.  Figure out how your flowers will compliment your theme and dress, especially in your wedding pictures. We have an easy  bouquet-dress guide for you brides that are still overwhelmed.

flower and boquet.jpg

The date of your wedding and the season should be something to consider when choosing your wedding flowers. Different flower types correspond with different seasons and it is important to keep that in mind as the flowers you want might not be available. If you are into the different meanings behind flowers and would like to add a little something extra to your arrangements then refer to this flower guide:


Finally, if you’re wondering what in the world you do when you’ve finished with your wedding flowers then maybe consider buying artificial flowers. It’s a money saver, they will not wilt or die and can be reused maybe in your new life as a married couple or sold on and given to someone else for their big day.

Be wise, read and research lots of flower designs, shapes, colours, save money but also make sure you pick the right flowers for your big day.

We hope that we have helped guide you in the right direction and you feel more comfortable and ready to shop! Comment below what styles you are going for or what type of dress you’ll be wearing – we love hearing about all things wedding!

By: Lauren Sutherland

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