Choosing your perfect wedding dress

Are you struggling to find the perfect dress to suit your body shape? or do you need help finding the best dress to compliment your skin tone? Emporella is here to help!

Ball gown

A structured bodice and full skirt.



 A curvy fit and flare silhouette shows off your figure in all the right places.

mermaid 2


Streamlined silhouette that is slim from head to toe.



Fitted top with a slightly fuller skirt.


Empire Waist

The drop flows from just below the bust.


Drop Waist

The skirt start at the hips, being as big or as small as you please.

drop waist

Your body type


For the Apples

If you have been given the beautiful apple figure the Empire-waist and A-line wedding dresses are the ones for you!

For the Hourglasses

If you are blessed with an hourglass figure the aim is usually to insensate the waist, if that is the case then the Mermaid, drop wait and seath dresses do that perfectly.

For the Rectangles

Seath, Empire waist and mermaid dresses will be perfect for your stunning figure, by giving you curves while showing off your slenderness.

For the Pears

A-line, Ball gown and Empire waist are the dresses for you. Display your smaller top, while disguising the rest.

For the inverted triangles

The ball gown, A-line and drop waist dresses give the illusion or narrower shoulders, balancing with a full skirt.

Wedding Dress colours


Want to know which dress colour suits you best before you settle for white?

The shades above from left to right…

* Ivory* *Almond* *Rose gold* *Champagne* *Blush* Oyster*


Fair Skin

If you have beautiful fair skin stay away from white and lighter tones such as oyster, and head towards ivory, rose gold or champagne to compliment your skin.

Medium Skin

Medium skin just about suits any colour wedding dress. Lucky you.

Dark Skin

If you have dark skin avoid the creamier tone such as champagne and look at white, ivory or blush.

Yellow Undertones

Compliment the colour of your skin with a creamy dress

Pink Undertones

Have you guessed? Avoid the champagne (not literally) and go traditional or blush/ rose gold.

By Josie Mumby

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