Bridal Hair Trends

If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your big day then we’ve got you covered! We have selected some of the latest trends for you that we have been loving recently.

Beautiful Braids

Braids are mega popular right now and it’s not hard to see why. Braids allow a bride to look effortlessly elegant whilst maintaining the feminine, girly edge. Ranging from a simple waterfall or fishtail to a milkmaid, or 4 strand braid, there are so many different options to experiment with that we figured that this trend deserved top place. It’s simple, classy and elegant. You can also play around with accessories such as flowers, hair pieces, feathers or even different hair colours for that alternative edge.


Loose Curls

More and more brides are opting for loose, beachy, soft waves on their wedding day. This style is a great compliment to the bohemian, floaty, laced dresses. It’s a quick and easy hairstyle that you can create yourself but looks super effective and has that romantic vibe.


Incorporate a half-up-half-down style for that extra wow factor. It allows you to build a effortless platform for your veil, tiara or crown to sit on whilst getting your hair out of your face to showcase your beautiful bridal make-up. We have seen a lot of celebrities wearing this style such as Michelle Keegan and Hilary Duff so we know that it’s a great option.


The chignon is a traditional, elegant and sophisticated bridal hair style. It can be styled and worn sleek and neat taking inspiration from the one and only Kate Middleton, or it can be worn loose and messy for a more relaxed approach. This style would be perfect for anyone having a summer wedding and can be accessorised with jewelled hair pieces for more elegance.


Low Ponytails

Yes, ponytails are still a hot trend! Wearing a low ponytail on your big day looks very chic and is a perfect way to keep your hair out of the way. Once again, it can be styled sleek and sophisticated or loose and messy, depending on your individual style. These work better with longer hair and small details can be added into the pony for that bit of bling-bling. We are totally in love with these timeless ponys.


These bridal trends are some of our all-time favourites. We’d love to know what brides are opting for on their big day, comment down below on this post or on our social media outlets what you’re wearing/loving!


By Lauren Sutherland

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