Advice: Wedding planning on a budget

Are you planning on getting hitched on a budget? We’re here to give you some tips on how to get married on the cheap, because hey who’s to say you have to spend thousands on your big day. The UK Wedding Report 2017 ( suggests that couples are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their wedding costs, as the average spend is rising annually, peaking at a whopping £26,989 this year. We think you can still have so much fun, laughter and joy on your special day with a small budget, so here are our top tips, ladies, and gentlemen…



DIY is the obvious choice when it comes to budget wedding planning. There are hundreds of blog posts out there in the wedding blog world with detailed instructions on how to create anything from your invitations, décor, wedding favours and even flowers (we’ll be posting some soon – keep an eye out!).


Make your own bunting, get all the gang together for one night, with some nibbles, bubbly and tunes. You could make lots of bunting for your wedding venue, in your theme and colours. Fab idea to hang out with friends and make some personalised bunting to decorate your wedding venue.

Choose an Unpopular Wedding Date

Most couples get married in Summer, with the most popular days being Saturday, Sunday, and Friday. Choosing a less popular season or day means your venue will be cheaper, as well as your entertainment and catering.


Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Opt for a pre-loved or a vintage wedding dress instead of an expensive designer where you order new, did you know the average cost of a wedding dress in 2017 is £1320. Buying second hand, in the sale or true vintage will save you money and sometimes can mean that extra little special if that dress has an history…


Keep Your Guest List Small

Keeping your guest list small will not only reduce expenses but it will also make your wedding more intimate and special. You’ll have time to talk to everyone and won’t have to worry about greeting 100+ people, more time to relax and enjoy yourself!


If you’re having trouble cutting down your guest list, use this flowchart by Lilies and Loafers.

Free wedding planner tools

There are tons of free printable planning templates online, as well as Emporella’s online wedding planner (coming in the future!). Another simple and free way to keep track of things is creating a spreadsheet on excel, that way you can easily amend things as you go along.

Send your invites via email

As much as we love pretty stationery, invites are definitely a straightforward way to cut costs, and sending them via email cuts down on paper wastage so you’re helping the environment too!

Use your own music

The average music entertainment supplier costs over £900, but using your own iPod is free. If you’re struggling with ideas then ask your guests to rsvp with a request or two and your playlist will soon build up.

Budget hen and stag do

Hen parties and stag do’s can be an expensive affair, but they’re events that no bride or groom to be should have to miss out on. So why not have your hen do at home or a friend’s house, you could have a relaxing pamper girly night and a movie and pizza night for the stags.

Check out this post about throwing your own spa party:


Capturing your special day in photos is extremely important and so this is definitely not an area you should cut out. A way to reduce the costs however could be to hire a professional to take photos straight after the ceremony, but for the reception leave out disposable cameras for guests to take their own photos with. It’s also helpful to shop around for the best value photographer, try reading reviews and asking for recommendations.

Useful link:


We’ve left the most crucial point until last… prioritise! Decide at the beginning of the planning process what the most important things to you are. It might be that the venue just has to be right, so spend more money on this, and less on other areas to ensure your day is everything you’ve dreamt of.

We hope that you’ve found some of these points useful and inspiring and that we have introduced some fresh, money pinching ideas in to your wedding planning.

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