Rustic Wedding Cakes

We’re partial to a bit of cake, we don’t just wait for the weekend, every day we can fit in a slice of cake. Carrot cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, oh the choices are endless. So what’s one of our favourite types of wedding cakes? It has to be rustic cakes, we love how nonuniform they are, ready to eat, ready to stuff right in the face, oh yeah!!! Can’t feel guilty either, rustic cakes don’t look ‘perfect’ which is why we love them. We love that they’re good to go, they’re not topped with lots of icing which means they HAVE to be eaten or they’re go off. So here we go, take a look at our pick of the prettiest and most rustic cakes…

naked cake
Mezzapica Naked Cakes >

Naked Cake

Naked cakes are taking the wedding world by storm at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why!

Ruffled - photo by -
Lens Cap Productions >

Nearly Naked Cake

If you’re not prepared to go fully naked, how about a nearly naked cake? You still get the same rustic, natural effect, but you get extra frosting so it tastes even better too!

How To make Your Own Naked Cake >



Tree Trunk Cake Stand

If you want to keep things super simple and add some earthy, woodland accents to your wedding décor, then take inspiration from this tree trunk cake stand. We love the simplicity of the small white delicate cake on top, adorned with tiny bunting!



White Floral Cake

Sticking with simple, this is an effortless way to dress up an otherwise plain cake. Simply place some flowers around the tiers and the base to add a touch of elegance to your rustic wedding. Then either add bunting or a sign, which you can find readily available online, for a finishing touch.


Tree Trunk Carving Cake

The final cake is definitely not simple, but it is pretty extraordinary and would add the ultimate rustic touch to your wedding. This is perfect for those brides that want every last detail to showcase their personality and wedding theme.


What’s your favourite type of cake?

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