Fun Hen Party Games


Who doesn’t love a good party game? We’ve put together some hen party game ideas fit for any party no matter what the theme. Here’s some quick ideas to get the party going …


Ring Hunt

First up is a ring hunt, simply buy some cheap fake rings and hide them around your house or party venue. The guest with the most rings wins a prize! This is a good one if your hen party falls near Easter, you could incorporate with liqueur filled chocolate eggs.

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Hen Quiz

This one is quite simple, a pub quiz style game all about the bride, or all about the bride and groom. The winner gets a prize of course!

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Who Am I?

The “Who am I?” game. Ask guests to write down their name and a personal memory or funny story about the bride. A nominated person will then read them aloud and the bride must guess who wrote it. For even more fun, for every guess the bride gets wrong she must take a sip of her drink!

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Who Said It

Who said it? Before the party, ask the bride and groom the same questions, individually, and write down their answers. At the party, get the guests to guess whose answer is which, the person with the most correct answers wins!

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Make Your Own Wedding Dress

Finally, the toilet paper wedding dress game. Split the guests into teams of two, appoint one as the bride and one as the wedding dress designer. The designer then must make the bride a dress out of only toilet paper! Give a prize to the couple with the best dress, and make the couple with the worst dress clean up all the toilet paper!

Hen Planner

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